The 7 best Surf spots in Australia, plan your next surf trip

Naming the 7 best surf spots in Australia, one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, is not an easy job. Australia has a long coastline with 50,000 km of extension and a playful blue ocean to dive in and ride perfect world-class waves.

In this guide, we have selected our favourite surf spots around all Australian territory for you to use as a reference and plan your next summer surf trips.

Ready to enjoy some of the Australian epic point breaks? Check it down below.

1. Gold Coast, QLD

Even it is far from being a secret surf point, surfing in Gold Coast is totally worth it. This iconic place attracts surfers from all over the world with its warm weather all year long and a variety of waves types.
You can find there the famous “superbank” at Kirra, incredible waves at Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks and Narrowneck, to name a few. Welcome to the land of surf!

2. Bells Beach, VIC

Located around 100 km from Melbourne, Bells Beach is a historical and spiritual surf competition centre since 1961.
It offers a powerful southerly swell and waves of over 5 meters. The home of Australian surfing is not only a spot to surf pumping and high-quality waves but also entertainment for those who love watching the surfers and its natural beauty.

3. Margaret River, WA

This is definitely not a place for beginners. The wine region of Margaret River, situated at just 3 hours drive south from Perth, has also a surf lifestyle and different point breaks to go surfing.
In Prevelly Bay you can find swells producing 6 meters waves, we recommend going there in case you are a serious pro and wear a helmet, safety first! However, other levels of surfers can enjoy the waves of Yallingup, a more democratic spot.

4. Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay has something for everyone who wants to surf,  and definitely is one of the 7 best surf spots in Australia. The most famous and the best surf point out there, The Pass, offers one of the best right-hand breaks on the North Coast of NSW. Although it can be a bit crowded, we absolutely recommend going up to the surfer’s lookout where you can check the entire bay and choose the best spot to go.

5. Northern Beaches, NSW

The Northern Beaches area of Sydney has 20 km of coastline, starting on Manly going to Palm Beach, with many beaches on the way to choose from.
Manly offers some surf schools for the ones who are willing to learn, check it out in our last post here.
North Narrabeen is our favourite surf spot there, with powerful waves and occasional strong swell. Long lefts or right barrels, depending on the swell, in 3 km of beach is just amazing!

6. Noosa Heads, QLD

Home of the best surf spots in calm waters, Noosa Heads is a great choice for both beginners or pro riders looking for a 200 meters ride. It is a really good place for longboarding as the area is protected from the wind and offers glassy and fun waves. Go for the breaks of Tea Tree Bay and Granite Bay, you will love it!

7. Crescent Head, NSW

Just a few hours drive from Sydney, Crescent Head has waves for every level of surfers and some of the longest breaks in the world. Ideal for longboarding with right-hand waves with up to 200 meters long.
Crescent Head is a surfing reserve with protected marine life and a 60’s surf community, an absolute must go!

Have you found this post useful for planning your surf trips or get to know better about the Australian surfing life? Leave us a comment, we would love to know!

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