Top 8 reasons to live in Adelaide

Before choosing my new home in Australia, after living four years in Sydney and considering different options, including Darwin, Tasmania and Cairns, Adelaide won first place for several reasons… Continue reading and discover what are my main 8 reasons to live in Adelaide!

1. It is a city with a first-class quality of life

When I arrived in Adelaide, I realized that I could continue to enjoy all the benefits of a modern and growing city, famous for being socially the most progressive in Australia, while being a relaxed and quiet place, with a quality of life first level. It is a city large enough to offer everything you need and small enough for you to appreciate easily and comfortably. Adelaide is far from the usual bustle of big cities and offers a quiet environment to live, surrounded by nature with easy access, so on your days off, you can visit national parks, beaches and wineries.

The people are very friendly and open, relaxed and with a good sense of humour. The good quality of life here feels every day, you are able to walk through quiet streets in the city, meet new people who are willing to help in whatever you need, go for a walk to the nearest beach by public transport, have many restaurants and entertainment venues available, between other characteristics that I continue to list below.

The units of the University of Adelaide, in addition to being very beautiful, host various cultural events.

2. The pleasant Mediterranean climate with the four seasons marked

Adelaide’s climate is characterized by having the four seasons of the year well marked: intense summers and winters but also extensive and pleasant autumns and springs. On average, the maximum temperature in summer is 30 degrees and the minimum in winter reaches 5 degrees; However, you have to come prepared for the heat waves, which although they last one or two days, can reach 40 degrees. For now, I am enjoying a beautiful spring, with 22 degrees on average, streets full of flowers and still empty beaches where you can swim, sunbathe and study very quietly.

The weather is rather dry, different from what I was used to in Sydney (rainy summers and very wet winters). In Adelaide it does not rain in summer so you can enjoy the sun to the fullest and, although the winters are colder than in other parts of the country, it will never be like Berlin or Amsterdam. We are still in Australia despite everything, mate!

3. Cost of living very affordable for students

The cost of living in Adelaide is much more affordable, making it the ideal city for a student’s budget. It is the second most affordable city in terms of average room rental price (AU $ 180 per week approx in excellent neighbourhoods or in the city), compared to the prices of Sydney (AU $ 280 per week approx) and Melbourne (AU $ 260 per week approx). Overall, the cost of living in Adelaide is 20% less expensive than Melbourne and 25% less than in Sydney.

On the other hand, salaries are very similar to larger cities (in my case, I am earning more than in Sydney and spending much less). Taking into account that the city is full of bike paths, moving around the city in that way is another great saving, added to the lower price of public transport and as I mentioned before, the lower cost of housing, Adelaide invites us to come to stay!

4. Public transportation in Adelaide is cheaper and more convenient

Getting around in Adelaide is convenient, cheap and fast. Being a student, in addition, you have the benefit of the student transport card, which allows you to pay even less: depending on the schedule you pay between AUD $ 1.87 to AUD $ 1.00! Yes, as you read it: one dollar! From my perspective, there is no need to have a car, due to the modern network of trains, trams and buses that circulate in and out of the city (I go to the beach by tram whenever I can and it takes me 15 minutes as maximum). Many transportation services around the city are free, so you can enjoy and explore Adelaide very economically.

Adelaide is planned so that we don’t get lost, even if you’re new to the city and still looking for the mountain range as a reference (if you’re from Santiago, of course). And if you decide to live far from the city, do not worry because there are train lines everywhere, just as fast and safe, which have wonderful views of the sea while you return to your home in, for example, Hallett Cove, on average Adelaide downtown time.

And if your bike is your thing, Adelaide is also your city: FREE bike paths and bicycles are available for use around the CBD, promoting a healthy, active and convenient lifestyle for your pocket.


You can arrive by tram to Glenelg, the most popular beach in Adelaide.

5. Adelaide has a great cultural offer

Other things that attracted me to Adelaide was an interesting cultural offer it has. Although it is a small city, in the heart of the CBD there are many of the main artistic and cultural institutions of South Australia, such as the State Library, the Botanical Garden (another one of my recommended for your day off), the Museum, the Art Gallery and the Adelaide Festival Center, to name a few of the places that constantly offer cultural activities.

In addition to these cultural institutions, Adelaide is renowned for its varied music festivals. To give you an idea, the main festivals include WOMADelaide, the Adelaide Festival, the FEAST Festival, Adelaide Fringe, OzAsia and the Spirit Festival, just to name a few, with also several small free festivals during the week in the various squares of the city.

Theatres, markets, super cute neighbourhoods full of Street Art, and even a beach where you can play volleyball in the centre of the city, are some of the other cultural attractions that you can find in your new life in Adelaide.

And if like me, you enjoy the culture of wines and vineyards, Adelaide will be your place too, as it is known as the wine capital in Australia. Adelaide has one of the best wine regions in the world, all very close to the city, where you can meet the creators of the wines and explore beautiful areas such as Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

You can not miss the exhibitions of the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA). The indigenous art show is one of the most complete in the country.


6. Adelaide offers varied student possibilities

Adelaide has the reputation of being one of the Australian cities with the highest academic level in its universities, but also in its professional and English schools. With the arrival of thousands of students every year, the city is built to meet our needs as students outside and inside the classrooms, with very close teachers and staff always willing to help academically and also in everyday life.

In addition, in Adelaide there are opportunities for international students to do internships in their areas of knowledge; Large, medium and small companies are very open to receiving international students, giving them the possibility to demonstrate their knowledge and providing the chance to keep a full-time job in the future.

Do you want to study in Adelaide? Contact us by email to and we will provide you with free advice and help you choose the best course!

7. In Adelaide, there are work opportunities

One of my concerns, when I changed cities, was the possibility of finding a job in Adelaide. I read a lot about it since compared to Sydney – which is a huge city with many job opportunities – Adelaide was a more complicated option when it came to getting a job. But if you are organized, have intermediate English and desire to work, in Adelaide, there are many work options for international students, especially in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Remember that with your student visa you can work part-time during your class period and full time during the holidays.

8. Adelaide has very good immigration opportunities

If you want to make Australia your permanent home, studying is undoubtedly one of the best options to achieve it. If you are interested in starting your studies in regional areas, watch this video in which we explain what the process is about.

At the end of your studies, there are a series of visas that you can apply for that will allow you to after applying to your permanent residence and, if you live in Adelaide for a few years, you will have additional points that will help you in this process since this city is part of regional Australia .

New incentives are being created each year by the Australian Immigration Department for students to choose smaller cities that will allow them to apply for a future permanent residency.

So do not hesitate anymore! If you are thinking of coming to study in Australia, consider Adelaide among your options, this beautiful city is waiting for you to live your own experience. If you are excited about the idea, write to to guide you with the best alternatives for studies, visas and life in Australia or, if you prefer, leave your comment in this post to find out how we can help you.

Adelaide and Australia are waiting for you.

Natalia Lizama

Chilean globetrotter who chose Australia as her new home. Eternal apprentice, after studying journalism in Chile and yoga teacher in Argentina and India, now adds a diploma in Leadership and Management in the city of Adelaide. Join her experience in Australia!

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