7 Reasons to study English in Australia

Do you want to learn English? Are you looking for an adventure or a change in your life? Here are 7 reasons to study English in Australia and some quotes to give you an idea of the costs. If you need more information write to info@puravidastudy.com.au

1- You will learn the universal language both in and out of the classroom

Studying English in an English-speaking country will undoubtedly help you learn English faster and better. You will have to interact in English, work, shop, and do everything! which will help you in your learning.

2- You can study and live in any city

There are schools all over Australia, so you can decide to live and study in any city or town. You can make the decision according to your taste or lifestyle, beach, city, hot or cold, or according to the cities that have more job offers in your areas of interest.

3- You can study at the time that suits you best

You can decide to study in the mornings or afternoons and look for options to attend classes during the week or at the weekend. You can also study from 3 months onwards depending on your level of English or how long you want to live in Australia.

4- You can work legally

At the moment those who have student visas can legally work 40 hours a week, it is not known how long this exception will last if it is not 40 hours a fortnight. In any case, this allows you to live, pay for your course and even save money.

5- You can travel around Australia

While studying you will have holidays every 3 months (2 weeks approximately), time that you can use to travel around Australia, visit other cities or even travel abroad (remember that South East Asia is very close to here).

6- You will have classmates and friends from all over the world.

Australia is a multicultural country and a destination for students from all over the world. Therefore you will be able to meet people of different nationalities, learn from them and share different ways of seeing and living the world.

7- There are very good quality schools

There are many options of schools to study at and many of them are of a high standard and quality, in all of them you will find teachers willing to help you at all times. You can study general English or specific English to prepare for a test (IELTS or TOEFL), English for business or more particular areas.


Here are some average costs to study for 24 weeks in Australia (6 months + 1 month holiday), take this as a reference and if you want a personalised quote write to info@puravidastudy.com.au

24 weeks General English – Sydney
-Course fee from $3.840 AUD ($160 x week)
-Visa fee: $659.1 AUD
-Health Insurance: $322 AUD

24 weeks General English – Perth
-Course fee from $4.560 AUD ($190 per week)
-Visa fee: $659.1 AUD
-Health Insurance: $322 AUD

24 weeks General English – Melbourne
-Course fee from $3,000 AUD ($125 per week)
-Visa fee: $659.1 AUD
-Health Insurance: $322 AUD

24 weeks General English – Gold Coast
-Course fee from $4.400 AUD ($185 per week)
-Visa fee: $659.1 AUD
-Health Insurance: $322 AUD

24 weeks General English – Brisbane
-Course fee from $4,560 AUD ($190 per week)
-Visa fee: $659.1 AUD
-Health Insurance: $322 AUD

(*Does not include other fees, tuition or materials.)

In case you come as a couple you have to take into account:
-Cost of visa for a couple: $659.1 AUD (holder) + $485.5 AUD (accompanying person).
-Cost of compulsory medical insurance for the couple: $1,600 AUD

Hope this helps you and don’t forget to check out our blog post with all the information for your student visa, documents, funds, general requirements, and more!

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