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Our Story

The Puravida adventure began in Australia in 2007 when Brazilian born Chilean Luis travelled to Australia in search of the West Coast waves he had seen in surf magazines and videos for years. Since arriving he has spent over 15 years studying, working, travelling and surfing in both the West and East Coasts of Australia.

After gaining the first-hand experience of living and studying in Australia, Luis soon found himself offering advice to others who also wished to travel to Australia.

Before launching Puravida Study in 2016, he worked for more than 6 years in the International Student industry as an Education Consultant for 2 Agencies, and as a Business Development Manager for 2 colleges. He opened Puravida Study to provide transparent advice and personalised service to each prospective student according to their desires, plans and budget. With a deep knowledge of the industry Luis has grown the team to include members who are all passionate about living, studying and working in Australia.

Our Team

Since launching in 2016 the Puravida Study Team has expanded to include staff members from Australia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina who have all experienced the journey of travelling, studying and working abroad, and are keen to share their experience and help others forge their own adventure. Get in contact with us and we will help you plan your journey to Australia!

Luis Ulloa Llanos

Director & Student Advisor

Chilean born in Brazil, living and working in Australia for more than 14 years. After falling in love with surfing, Australian lifestyle,( and his wife), he decided to stay living in Australia and help others achieve the same dreams.

Kathryn Scott

Brand & Marketing Director

Kathryn is a Kiwi who fell in love with Australia 10 years ago. She helped Luis found Puravida Study, and has been responsible for growing the brand and marketing strategy. She leads the communications and marketing team.

Florencia Calderón

Student Advisor & Content Manager

Chilean lover of sports, travel, healthy living and cooking. She has lived in Australia since 2019 and after finishing her W&H she began to deepen her Marketing knowledge studying a diploma. She enjoys sharing with her friends, spending time in nature, or exploring new places to climb. Flo leads our communication and content team and also co-hosts our podcast Cachai Australia.

Abraham Barahona

Cachai Australia Podcast Host & Marketing Specialist

Abraham was born in Chile, now lives and works in Australia since 2016. After obtaining a W&H visa, he decided to expand his studies in the country by taking various courses related to entrepreneurship, leadership and marketing in Sydney. Always keen on surfing, roadtrips and connecting others with the Australian lifestyle. Abraham is the host of our podcast Cachai Australia sharing knowledge about the Australian Culture and living and studying abroad.

Katalina Riveros

Student Advisor

Kata was born in Chile and has lived in Australia since 2017. She previously studied in Advertising in Chile but since arriving in Australia she found her love for cooking, specialising in and selling vegan and vegetarian sushi to the locals in Manly. As one of our top student advisors, she is a very social team member, who loves music, dancing and hanging out with her friends and family.

We are Hiring!

Student Advisors

If you have experience of studying and living in Australia and are keen to share that knowledge with new students, get in touch to become a Student Advisor!

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Do you like to write? Have you travelled, studied or lived in Australia? We invite you to join our team of Blog contributors.

If you are interested in writing your adventures or experiences in Australia for our blog contact us at info@puravidastudy.com.au

Our Partners

Study for Life

We offer services to our Brazilian partner agency Study for Life. Primarily located in Brazil, Study for Life specialises in helping Brazilian students with their visas courses, accommodation, flight tickets, and much more. We work closely with them to receive their students in Australia, by assisting in airport pickups, orientation of bank accounts etc and any other ongoing questions that their students may have once they arrive in Australia.

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Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is a bespoke Immigration Law Practice firm experienced in helping immigrants navigate through the maze of Immigration Law. Puravida Study is proud to partner with Crossing Borders, for situations where our students are looking to further their stay in Australia and are eligible to consider longer term migration options.

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Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia is an international Christian charity & child development organisation, passionate about releasing children from poverty through educational and community programs. With a shared passion for education, We are dedicated in donating a percentage of our profits to sponsoring children in South America to provide them with education opportunites in their region.

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