Finding a job in Australia without English

Do you want to go to Australia but don’t feel confident about your English? We assure you that this can’t be a reason to give up on your plans! We have so many examples of people that came to Australia without knowing much about the language and built a really nice path 🙂 it’s totally possible!

Study English in Australia while working

First things first, if speaking fluent English is your main goal, you’ll have to apply for a student visa and enrol in an English course. The student visa permits you to study and work 20 hours per week or “part-time” period, so you can evolve both studying and working. Find out more info about visa options here.  After deciding which is the best English course according to your needs, you can start searching about options of work without the requirement of speaking fluent English, so here we are to show you some ways to start over!

Where can I work if I don’t know English yet?

The service sector is the most common area that employs people without an advanced level of English. The industries vary between Hospitality & Accommodation, Food, Construction and a few others that hire professionals on casual and part-time jobs, which means you will be able to study English at the same time and keep improving. The important point here is to find jobs that don’t require much interaction with clients or strong communication skills at the beginning. But watch out to not get used to it, you will have to stay focused on developing your English!


1- Housekeeping and Cleaning

Generally, the work of housekeepers and cleaners are well-paid in Australia and are needed from private homes, offices and hotels. You can find opportunities from friends, jobs websites (gumtree, seek, Facebook) and there are many companies specialized in recruiting professionals for this field, the offers are very high.

2- Restaurants

The kitchen area is another option that does not require fluent English and you can improve step by step with your coworkers. Dishwasher and kitchen hand are positions that usually don’t ask for experience and a good starting point for the ones who are interested in working with food. Some venues will ask you for a food handling certification, stay aware of it.

If there is a restaurant that you’d like to work in, just drop by with your resume personally – that’s an efficient way to approach and find a job.

3- Warehouses

There are heaps of warehouses around Australia that store different kinds of products. Again they usually don’t look for people that speak perfect English, they need people willing to work fast and are organized. You can find jobs in this area by job websites or also with specialized recruitment agencies.

4- Construction

More common for guys, this field has opportunities for both inexperienced or qualified labourers and carpenters. Of course, you’ll need to talk while working, but it’s not the main skill. Australia has a bunch of cities that are growing physically and in need of workers, it’s definitely an industry that pays well and has a lot of jobs available. Here, the easiest ways to find employment is by friends and personal network, or by jobs websites.

5- Deliveryman

With the rise of food apps and online purchase, more people are needed for the delivery service. What you’ll need for that is to have a bike or car, and download the corresponding app. Buying a bike or car is really not expensive in Australia, with good financial planning it’s totally makeable!

6- Babysitting and Au pair

This one is more popular for girls and it’s really on demand all over the country. The Australian families are used to having this service as usually both parents work and need someone they trust to help them out with their children routine. Most of them prefer girls that already had experience with kids, are independent and have a driver’s license, but there are no fixed rules as it will all depend on how you connect with the family at the first moment. Having an advanced level of English helps, but again is not essential, you will learn a lot with the little ones. To start in this position, it’s good to provide a Working with Children Check and a National Police check.


The wages vary per type of industry, services and location area starting from $17 AUD per hour, and the payment is higher during weekends and public holidays.

To start working you will have to provide some personal information such as a Tax File Number (a number issued by the Australian Taxation Office to identify the tax matters of an individual or an organization), an Australian Bank Account on a bank of your preference and a Superannuation account.

Now that you know in which fields to focus, it’s time to create a good resume specifically for each position and present yourself in the best manner with a positive attitude.


Some websites to look for job opportunities in Australia:

Different areas and qualifications:


Specific for delivery man:

Uber eats –

Menu log –


Specific for babysitting:

Also, there are great job communities in Australia available on Facebook, a shortcut and ongoing board to find new fresh opportunities, stay tuned!


If you have taken notes of how you can find work in Australia without knowing English and need more information about English courses and schools, contact our student agents at  and explore our website on the “Study” session.

We see you in Australia, mate!

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