How to study in Australia?

Many of us have already been wondering how to study or work in Australia. Everyone in our teamwork is actually studying or working in this vast Island, and trust me, we are in love of this country! But let’s be honest, the journey is not easy and sometimes moving abroad can be overwhelming…

How do I study in Australia? Which kind of visa do I need? How do I apply for the Visa? Which health insurance is the best? What is OSHC? What does COE mean? Do I have the rights to work while studying? What is a Student Agent?

We usually receive all these questions and much more! Today we are going to show you some of the questions about how to study in Australia, Nati from “Chilenos en Australia” (Chileans in Australia) made us after visiting by the office in Manly Beach, Sydney. Also, you can check our articles Top reasons why we choose to Study or Work in Australia, or even What visa do I need to Travel, Study or Work in Australia?

Watch the three videos where Luis, from our team at Puravida Study, tells Nati about all the steps to take into account to emigrate to Australia, what services we offer and the importance of having experienced agents to help you throughout the process for FREE. Check it out!


Do you feel you have more information regarding everything you need to know to study in Australia? If you are still having some doubts, just email us on or visit our web here. We are happy to help you plan your journey and every procedure you need to achieve!

We see you in Australia mate!

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