How to write the GTE letter for a student visa in Australia?

One of the requirements within the application for the Student Visa in Australia is the Letter of Intent or GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant letter). It serves to make clear the intention you have with the exchange or the course/program chosen here in Australia. This letter will be your presentation to the Australian immigration agent who reviews your visa, where you can tell who you are, your history and your goals with the course you chose.

A well-written letter reduces the risks of negative interpretations, such as the intention of permanent immigration, which can cause you to be denied a visa. The letter highlights your true goals with the exchange or studies, the benefits it will bring to your professional career and personal life, and clear intentions to return to your country once you finish your studies. It is important to remember that everything mentioned will need to be verified through documentation.

What should this letter include?

Your presentation:

Who are you? Your name, how old are you and where do you live (city-country).

Your academic history:

What have you studied and at which university? When did you finish the course? Also mention other important courses taken. If you are still studying, mention how many semesters you have completed and the reason why you want to do this new study and make your trip.

Your professional history:

Objectively tell your professional experience.

Why you decided to take the chosen course:

Tell why you felt the need to take the course you chose. Talk about your day to day work, if you needed to use English, how it was used, and how the lack of language has affected your professional growth. If you do not yet have professional experience, tell us why English is important in your training area, how it is used and how it will help you to enter the job market. It is necessary to convince the agent that you need to gain fluency in the language.

For cases of College / Technical Courses / Graduation:

Explain why you decided to take the course. Relate the course to your area of ​​training and professional experience, talk about the subjects that will be taught during the course. Why it will be important for your career and why you decided to study abroad and not in your country of origin.

Who will pay for your studies and your living in Australia?:

Are you going to pay for it? Where does the money you will use during your exchange come from? Is someone going to support you financially? Who will be the financer?

What are your objectives upon returning to your country?:

That part will demonstrate your intention with the exchange. Having no ties to your country of origin or having no objectives with your return, you can imply to the agent that your intention is NOT to return to your country and that you are using the course as an “entry door” for immigration. You must mention what you want to do professionally when you return home. For example: if applying for “X” vacancies in your area of ​​training and experience, return to your current job (in leave cases, and when the employer keeps your vacancy available on your return from the exchange), take a course ( post, master, among others), etc.

If you are not working, it is important to say what you have done since you left your job. Not having an employment relationship is negative for the process. It is natural that for longer periods of the course, a disconnection occurs, even so, it is important to demonstrate that situation.

Remember that the GTE can only be written by yourself, do not agree to pay anyone who offers you this service. It is a personal letter, where the most important things are the content and the genuineness of your intentions. You can get help translating it later or having an educational agent review it before sending it, but no one can write it for you.

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