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UNAVAILABLE – Renew your Student Visa for Free

Extend your Visa in Australia with a FREE visa.

If you enrol in a course with Puravida Study, we will cover for you the cost of the Student Visa!

How does it work? You have until Friday 27th of November 2020 to book a course with us. Contact us today and we will help you find the best option!
* Terms and conditions apply.

* Terms and Conditions of the promotion:
– You must be in Australia.
– You must enroll in a course of at least 2 years or
– You can choose a course of 1 year but you must pay the
first and second term of the course in advance.
– Regardless of whether the course lasts 1 or 2 years, the minimum value of the course must be $ 4,000 AUD.
– Puravida Study covers the cost of the Student Visa valued at $ 628.68 AUD (1.40% Surcharge credit card applied)
– If it is the second time you renew your visa while in Australia, Puravida Study does not cover the extra renewal cost of $ 700 AUD.

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