New work restrictions for international students in Australia

New work restrictions for international students in Australia

Increase of eight hours of work per fortnight

Starting in July 2023, work restrictions for international students will be reinstated with an increase of eight hours every two weeks, reaching a total of 48 hours of work allowed per fortnight.

Students work limitations were relaxed during the pandemic and completely removed in January 2022, so everyone is free to choose the number of hours they dedicate to working until the end of the new regulations on June 30, when the new restrictions will come into effect.

On the one hand, this is one of the measures that Australia is implementing to address the labour shortage in the country, and on the other, a great opportunity to increase your income while working and studying!

This increase in the amount of work hours becomes even more valuable for the pocket of those who hold family or couple student visas.


New list of recognized professions and courses to extend the labour rights for international students

Two year extension of post-study employment rights beginning July 2023


Australia has announced the list of professions and courses that will be recognized in order to extend post study employment rights from the 1st of July 2023. This extension will grant an additional two years to the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) to those who meet the criteria requirements.

The professions included in the list reflect sectors in which Australia suffer from a chronic lack of workers, such as: health, technology, education and engineering among others. According to the OECD, Australia is the second developed country in the world with the greatest shortage of qualified professionals. Thousands of international students are trained in Australian universities every year, but only 16% stay.

This post study employment rights extension will allow bachelor’s graduates to see their rights extended from two to four years, master’s from three to five years, while doctorates will see their rights increased from four to six years. This extension will be added to the existing additional employment rights for students in regional areas, where skilled labour is especially needed.

One thing we know at PuraVida is that in Australia are great schools and others no so good… That is why, between now and July, some of the education providers that currently appear on the list may not meet the requirements and will be removed from it. The Department of Education will publish the final list, with the assigned CRICOS course codes, before the implementation of the changes in July. However, future changes will not affect students starting their studies now, which means that if a course is removed from the list, you will still be recognized for the extension upon graduating from it.

We will keep an eye out to keep you posted!

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