Workforce and Education ft Thiago Lima (Laneway Education) #S03E05

Both Flo and Abe are former students of Laneway Education, one of the most disruptive schools in Australia with students from all over the world. In this episode with got together with Thiago Lima, Laneway’s Head of Product to talk about the importance of on-shore education when entering the workforce in Australia, What options do international students have? What’s the future of education? Can you start you own business here and study at the same time?

We also play some games and had a couple of well needed laughs.

Hit play and don’t look back 🙂

Laneway: Educational experiences for CURIOUS MINDS.

Katalina Riveros

Publicista enfocada en marketing digital, amante de la cocina, de la naturaleza y disfrutar tiempo con su familia

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