What to study to get a Permanent Residence in Australia

What to study to get a Permanent Residence in Australia

The Australian Government declared in April 2023 that it will focus on high potential international students. But, what does this mean? It means that they will give more benefits to people who choose to enrol in courses such as masters, bachelors and trades. These courses have an average cost of $28,000 for two years of study, so they are considerably more expensive than English or under graduated courses, but at the same time, they will open the doors to a possible residency in Australia.

Students of masters and degrees of two or more years of duration, will have the right to apply for a Post Graduated Visa, which will allow them to remain in Australia practicing their profession for two additional years. Similar benefits will apply to students from trade courses of two or more year duration, whom may apply for the Graduated Skill Visa. In both cases, the chances of obtaining permanent residency in Australia after studying are greatly increased, which is a very positive thing for those who wish to stay in this beautiful country.

In addition, in June-July, the Australian Government will publish the list of occupations in demand for those who are currently in the country and want to apply for a Skill Visa. As always, students who are in Australia´s regional areas will have more advantages when it comes to obtaining the PR.

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