Study tourism in Australia

Tourism and Hospitality are undoubtedly one of the areas where you can find the most work when you come to live in Australia. There are also a variety of courses and diplomas that you can study on the subject, which will open more doors for you if you want to dedicate yourself to this in any country in the world. Read the best courses to study tourism in Australia!

Next, we will talk about the main areas related to tourism that you can study and we will tell you in more detail about what skills you will develop and the knowledge you can acquire.

Study hospitality in Australia

If you like the Hospitality area, in Australia you can find various courses to develop in a sector that is always growing and in which you can work in any country in the world.

In these courses, you will learn everything about how to manage a hotel or a restaurant, obtain management knowledge in the commercial and operational area, and develop your leadership to be in charge of work teams.

Some courses available are Certificate II in Customer Engagement, Certificate III in Hospitality and the Diploma in Hospitality Management. The duration of these courses range from 6 months and can last more than a year if you complement each other. Values ​​start at 1000 AUD each quarter (3 months).

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Study cooking in Australia

If you are a lover of cooking, these courses are undoubtedly for you, having a perfect combination of theoretical and practical classes, a high rate of employability and colleagues from all over the world, Cookery courses are a unique opportunity.

Some of the most popular courses are Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and the Diploma of Hospitality (Commercial Cookery). In these courses, you will learn everything you need to work in the kitchen, from how to handle a knife, cooking techniques, characteristics of the ingredients, recipes of various levels of complexity, safety and hygiene, basic concepts of nutrition and what it is like to work under the stress of a restaurant.

There are varied possibilities of schools and courses around all of Australia, including specific courses in baking if that is what you like the most. The values ​​range from AUD 2,450 each quarter (3 months) and the courses can last from 6 months to 2 years or more if you want to acquire more knowledge and complement the courses between them.

If you study two years or more, you can later apply to the 485 Graduate Skill Visa (check the note we have on the blog with all the details), which will allow you to work full time for 18 more months in Australia.

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Study tourism in Australia

Studying something specifically related to this area can open many doors for you in the country or destination in the world where you want to live, without a doubt you can have fundamental tools to perform in this area and continue travelling the world.

You will learn more about the tourism industry and its associated services, how to organize and plan trips or tour packages, budgeting, sustainable tourism, rates and operation of airlines, among other topics of interest.

You can study a Cert III in Travel, a Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management or an Advance Diploma. The courses range from 6 months to a year and a half, and can be complemented between them, the values ​​range from 1500 AUD per quarter (3 months).

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Study events in Australia

If you like to organize events and be in charge of everything to achieve a perfect day, this is a highly developed area where you can study. The courses in these areas focus on the development of events of all kinds, and you will learn to achieve and manage the best agreements and alliances, minimize risks, organize work teams and complete event planning.

You can study a Cert III in Events, a diploma in Event Management and even a Master in Event Management, in all of them you will receive knowledge to organize events of all sizes (including sporting events, concerts, weddings, etc.), being updated on the new trends and always minimizing risks.

These courses last from 6 months to a year and can also be complemented by each other. Values ​​range from AUD 1,500 per quarter (3 months).

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If you are interested in any of these courses or want more information, contact us! We can help you find the options that best suit you and send you personalized quotes. Write to us at or leave us a comment below with your questions or requires. Remember that our services are free!

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