The best tips for student challenges in Australia

In our latest blog post, we discussed the greatest challenges of living in Australia. To make it more supportive for the students and also a source of solution, we have decided to share in this article useful tips and some advice to help you out overcoming moments of difficulties and let the bright side of this wonderful experience flourish.
So, please, check below the best tips and advice to deal with the challenges in Australia as a student.

1. Homesickness

The number one challenge of the students living in Australia is about feeling homesick. Missing family and friends that are back home can be overwhelming for some, and it is definitely a subject that will always exist when we are abroad. However, there are some simple and easy ways to make it less hard:

Make more calls.

The first thing to do is to connect with your people anytime possible. Calling them from time to time is a way to keep the relationship alive while you can share your experience and also know how their lives are going.

Meet new people.

Not only maintaining contact with family and friends from your country is essential, but also meeting new people in Australia is crucial to avoid the homesickness to grow. As Australia has an outdoors culture, practising sports (go surfing!) is a great way of building new groups of friends while you enjoy the beautiful Australian nature.

2. How to improve the language

The strong accent and abbreviations are the main characteristics of the Australian language, it is a real challenge that every international student have.

Practice, practice, practice.

In order to learn something new, there is no other way than practising it all the time. Start by losing the fear of talking with local people, there is always the chance to ask them to slow down if you need to. The more you listen and speak, the more natural it will become for you.

Watch movies and videos in English.

This is old, but gold. Another way of learning a new language is to watch videos with English subtitles and, with time, turning them off. This is incredibly effective, you will see your language skills evolve for sure. Try to watch Australian tv series or news, for example, to catch expressions and slangs.

3. Understanding cultural differences

Australia is not only made of Australians but people from all over the world, each one with their own customs and traditions. You will be in contact with people from everywhere, which means you will face differences all the time.

Accept the differences.

Our simple advice for you is to accept the differences and embrace them, don’t try to change how people behave or do the way you believe they should. As it is something complex, respecting someone’s manners and costumes is the first step.

Participate in cultural events.

A good way to get to know more deeply the Australian culture is to participate in some local events and important national dates or celebrations. That’s how you will learn day by day their costumes and, consequently, be more used to them.

4. How to find a job

That is another common worry of the students, especially because the working hour’s restrictions related to the student visa. However, we always see the students rocking and getting great jobs, it all depends on being active on the search.

Build your network.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, establishing a network with others is an efficient path to find interesting and good jobs. Let your friends, colleagues, classmates or flatmates know what you are looking for and, suddenly, someone can come up with a new job offer for you.

Enrol in job-related websites.

Those websites really work in Australia, including Gumtree, Indeed, Seek and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Make sure to create a good resume and cover letter, and apply for job vacancies regularly.

5. How to survive in a shared house

Sharing a place with people that you barely know or from a culture very distinct than yours can be definitely challenging, but also very fun and rich. The best way to deal with that is with:

Respect and communication.

Everyone was raised in some way and has different life stories, facts that really influence attitudes, habits and behaviours. Our advice is to respect the one that is “different” and, if something goes wrong, talking is the key. In order to keep a sharing living healthy, it’s super important to communicate about things that are not working and try to make some changes together.

Set goals and responsibilities.

To avoid problems related to home issues, such as cleaning, paying bills, organization and house rules in general, it’s useful to make a list with weekly tasks and responsibilities. It will not be the only objective and straight to the point, as it will make the house a better place to live in and everyone will feel better.

Are you already a student living in Australia? Which are your main challenges in this country and how do you deal with them? Let us know in the comments below.
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We see you in Australia, mate!

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