When will Australia open its borders? And some tips while we wait

We don’t know it yet, but many of us are waiting for Australia to open its borders. Unfortunately, there is no clarity about when it might happen, but there are some things you can do while you are outside the country. Look at this guide with recommendations, tips, information and everything you need to know to start planning your future in this country.

Australian Borders

Since March 2020, Australia has completely closed its borders due to Covid19 and stopped the entry of international students and anyone else who is not an Australian citizen. The government presented a new plan this month to arrange the re-entry of international students. You can check it out by clicking on this LINK. However, this will only happen depending on the number of active cases in Australia and the progress of the vaccination; international students will be among the first to enter. If you want more information about the borders and other news, go to the top-down of our website and subscribe to the newsletter.

Get informed

You should start by looking for information about Australia, check out our article about the reasons to live and study in Australia. Undoubtedly, the quality of life, job opportunities, multiculturalism, and its incredible landscapes, beaches, and forests make this country an excellent option to live in.

Also, look for more details of all its cities and the incredible options they offer. You can live in Sydney and Melbourne, which are the bigger ones, but there are also excellent opportunities like Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and many other cities around this country. You just have to look for information, see what you like the most and what you are looking for, check out our article about the five best cities to live and study in Australia.

Find your best visa

You should find out about the visa options you have according to your age, nationality and interest; check out our blog article about which visa to choose to work, study or travel in Australia. If you want to know more about the Working Holiday visa, check the article and see if you meet the requirements and its characteristics.

The student visa is suitable for all ages, and you can opt for courses of different lengths (from 3 months to more than three years) and various types. For example, you can study an English course, VET courses (Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma and Advance diploma), technical careers or university Master’s degrees. You only need to have the desire to study, your passport up to date, Toefl or IELTS (English tests to know what your level is) and take out compulsory insurance for the period of your stay in Australia. We will help you by sending you information about the schools or universities you are most interested in. We will take care of your enrolment, visa application, medical insurance and all the necessary paperwork.

If you would like to live in Australia with your family or children, check out our blog post on how to emigrate to Australia as a family, where we try to solve all your doubts on this subject. If you are studying technical or Master’s degrees for more than two years, you can apply for a postgraduate visa once you have finished your course; see more information in our article about the Postgraduate skill visa (485). This visa can grant you from 2 to 4 years of a work visa after your studies.

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Improve your English

Although many Latinos and Spanish speakers live in Australia, a good level of English will give you better job opportunities in areas of your interest. It will make your life here, especially the first months of adaptation, easier.

English should not be a limitation to come, if you don’t have a good level here you will learn, you just need a lot of determination and personality. Take advantage of this time while waiting for the opening of the borders to improve your English, watch series and films in English, read, try to talk to friends or take the time to do an English online course.

Get a quote with Puravida Study

If you are looking for an English course on this LINK you can check some quotes to study for six months in different cities in Australia. You must take into account that the course must last at least 13 weeks to apply for a student visa, and we recommend coming for at least six months and ideally a year or more. Time passes very quickly in this country that has so much to offer.

A VET course (marketing, business, leadership, yoga, etc.) costs approximately 1.500 AUD per Term (every three months) plus the value of the visa (630 AUD) and the compulsory health insurance (average of 50 AUD per month). These values may sound like a lot, but you can perfectly work and study when living in this country afford to pay for the course, rent, and everything you need.

Write to us at info@puravidastudy.com.au or leave us a comment in this article or our social media telling us what you would like to study, and we will send you more information or a personalised quote.

Listen to the experience of others!

Listening to the experience of others is essential to get a real picture of what it is like to live, study and work in Australia. You can check out some of our students’ stories on our blog and listen to Cachai Australia’s podcast, available on Spotify and Apple podcast.

In this podcast, you will find information about international borders, VET courses, studying at university, entrepreneurship in Australia, life as a chef, engineer, and many other interesting interviews and conversations.

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