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Architects are one of the most demanded professionals in Australia, and even have a place in the skilled occupation list. This means that if you are looking to work as an Architect in Australia there are some interesting opportunities for you, that can even lead you to a permanent residence in the future. In Puravida Study we work with the best experts that can help you decide which is the right way to achieve this goal, working as an architect and living in one of the best countries in the world. With the help of Sally Jackson, who works as an immigration agent very close to our team, and Raquel Durso, a consultant and coach for foreign Architects, we can provide you with the best advice.
Have a look at the 3 steps we recommend you to take if you want to live and work as an architect in Australia. Read until the end!

STEP 1: You need good English

Usually, our students come from countries where their birth language isn’t English, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle! There are very good English courses in Australia, and within a few months you will be talking like an Aussie:) Imagine living in this country with a Student Visa (500), taking an English course with classmates from all over the world, and maybe even working in a coffee shop talking with locals the whole day! You will definitely gain the experience and practice you need to achieve your language skills. Also, you will get used to Australian culture and have enough time to start practising some surf:) In Puravida we work with some of the best colleges around the country and can help you find the best price at the same time. Remember to contact us at to help you find the best course that fits your budget.

STEP 2: Study one of the certifications Australian Architects demands

After you have completed your English Skills you can jump to do a diploma or certificate that will allow you to get into the Architect world in Australia, and prepare you for this particular market. This kind of courses not only gives you the knowledge and skills Australians look for, but also can help you apply for a Post Graduate Skill Visa (485) or Skill Visa for example, after you finish your studies. Both Visas that can allow you to work as a professional.

While you take these certificates you will continue to have a Student Visa (500) and be able to study for example:
Diploma in Project Management
Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability

Both certificates will give you an entrance to the Architecture market in Australia, and provide you with the necessary knowledge you need to work as an Architect in this country. Also, these studies can open new opportunities in the Architecture industry, like working as a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Sustainability Project Manager, or Environmental manager officer for example. If you want more information about these courses, please get in touch with us, we are happy to help plan your stay in Australia!

STEP 3: Work in the Architecture field in Australia!

Now comes the time of truth. You have gained English language skills, studied some of the most valuable courses in the Architecture Industry, and now you are ready to apply for a Post Graduate Visa (485). This Visa implies that you can work as a professional for 18 months (time depending on the course you have taken), without hours limitation! This is the perfect chance for an architect to find their dream job while living in a dreamy country! If you want to know more about this visa and its opportunities read our article Post Graduate Skill Visa Part 1 (485) or get in contact with us at

As the demand for architects is so high in Australia, there are lots of chances you can find a job in your field, and develop your skills there. Remember that Architects are on the list of in-demand occupations, so after you have gained experience working as an architect in Australia you can even start thinking of getting Sponsorship Visa in the company you are working for, or a Skilled Visa as well.

If your goal is to work specifically as an architect in Australia, we recommend that you contact Raquel Durso, who can advise you on all the steps to follow. There are certain steps such as validating your diploma, demonstrating local experience and passing some exams, which will be necessary for you to finally be recognized as an architect in this country.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work as an Architect in Australia!

If you are an Architect and want to live and work in Australia, there are plenty of opportunities for you. The country is demanding these professionals and there is a high level of work for you. But to achieve this, you need to focus on your goals and plan your way to come to Australia. Contact us to help you plan your path at, visit our website, Instagram or Facebook and get in touch! There are plenty of visas and study option to choose from. We have a team of experts waiting to help you and provide the best advice 🙂

See you in Australia Mate!


Pic: EY Sweeney Building, Sydney


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