Celebrate Christmas twice a year

Christmas is the most popular Christian holiday and celebrating this day is of great importance to a
large part of the Western population. It is usually celebrated on December 25th, but in Australia
many commemorate it on July 25 as well! And why not in June, which would be right in the middle
of the year? Well, because until July it's not really cold in Australia.
Some people say that this date was inspired by the movie Christmas in July, however, the tradition
was started by immigrants who wanted to celebrate this day in conditions similar to those in their
countries of origin. For me, Christmas means family time, a fireplace, wool sweaters, hot chocolate
with polvorones and snowmen. Since I live in Australia, I have not felt the Christmas spirit as I did in
Spain, not only because I am far from my family, but also because of the difference in climate and
the lack of resemblance to the Christmas I grew up with.
Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, so Christmas is different than in European or North
American countries. Here, the seasons are the opposite, while in Spain and New York it is cold
winter, in Sydney and Perth it’s the height of summer. Many of the traditions in Australia come from
the Anglo-Saxon world, so if in the snowy England they eat roasted pork or turkey at Christmas, in
Australia, at thirty degrees, they also do so.
After eight years living here, I enjoy Christmas wearing a bikini and a Santa Claus hat, making beach
sand ‘snowmen’s’ that are not higher than eight inches ; and eating Pavlova for dessert.
So if you love Christmas and want to celebrate it twice a year, Australia is your country!

Merry Christmas!


An Argentina passionate about travelling, cooking, interested in sustainability and always learning new things. After having travelled and lived in Australia, she is now studying a master's degree in Sydney and sharing her experience with all those who want to come!

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