Entrepreneurship in Australia: opportunities and requirements

Starting your own business abroad is, without a doubt, a challenge and the dream of many. Among all the options that exist, Australia is recognised for being one of the countries with the most significant advantages and possibilities to start your own business. Do you think it is difficult? Impossible? Read this article where we tell you how to start a business in Australia, its opportunities and requirements … and SPOILER ALERT !: It can be done and very easily !! Read to the end!

To start a business in Australia, you must first have a valid visa

To start a business in Australia, you must first start with a valid visa that allows you to work legally. Among the best options are the Student visa, Working Holidays and the Business Innovation and Investment Visa.

A Student Visa is the most common and easy to obtain. It can be extended in time, and it allows you to work legally while studying the course you like the most. You can choose entrepreneurship courses that help you work on your business and network or even choose marketing or communication courses where you can apply the knowledge with your business. Suppose you are thinking of studying entrepreneurship or business in Australia. In that case, we recommend that you consider the Academy of Entrepreneurs courses.

But what happens when the visa expires? You must contact an immigration agent if you have long-term plans to operate your business. There are several options and paths that you can take, so do not be discouraged and contact an agent to continue working legally in Australia.

Ok, I have a visa, now what?

If you are a student in Australia, you can start a business in the country! The process is easy; the visa is not an impediment to being your own boss and opening your own business in Australia. We repeat it so that it is evident to you 🙂

Now yes, once you have your papers in order, an essential step is to have an ABN and TFN to start operating your business. With these requirements, you can already pay your taxes to the government for the sales or transactions you make. Getting these numbers is just a matter of clicks. Everything is done online, easy and free. To start with these procedures, enter here.

How much does it cost to set up a business in Australia?

You don’t have to spend a dollar on starting your own business. First of all, getting the ABN and TFN is free. Then, to build your brand, set up a website and open your social networks, you can also use free apps and software. If you want to see in detail what free tools you can use, enter this link with a guide prepared by Academy of Entrepreneurs. You will find all the well-detailed steps to start your business today.

On the other hand, if you need an investment of money, you must bear in mind that the Australian government constantly has programs open to apply to different financing options. Even if you are not Australian, you can use these programs, always checking the necessary requirements beforehand. In Australia, there are many incentive programs to undertake, regardless of your visa or nationality. You can access this information by clicking here.

What are the challenges of becoming an Entrepreneur in Australia?

As in any corner of the world, entrepreneurship always has its challenges. Although Australia has a perfect setting to start your business, there are some things you should keep in mind before starting:

Get your first customers:

Whenever you start a new business, whether in Australia or anywhere globally, getting your first customers is the most challenging thing. Make sure that when you find those first customers and make your first sales, you will make an excellent impression. Make sure the product or service works great, and always ask for feedback on what you offer. You never know what your clients can contribute. Once you achieve this first, we assure you that everything else will be solved over time. If you want more advice, read this article with everything you need to know to start your own business in Australia or anywhere in the world.

English is essential:

If your idea is to start a business in Australia, make sure you have an excellent English level. From writing a text on social media to introducing yourself to a potential investor, you must master the language. However, many start a business in Australia focusing on other cultures, perhaps in a language you are most familiar with. This can happen, and in this case, English may not be a problem for you. Still, it never hurts to function well with English, especially if the population in Australia speaks this language.

Have a good pitch prepared and practised:

What is a pitch? It is a short and concise speech that aims to present a project, a product or any business in a short time (30-45 seconds) to potential clients or investors. It serves to make the other person understand your purpose and how you can help them. However, for most international students, telling this story in another language can be challenging, so we recommend having it well practised and developed. In the Academy of Entrepreneurs courses, you can find “The winning pitch”, a business diploma module, where they will teach you how to make your elevator pitch and all the verbal and non-verbal (psychological) techniques to succeed in your presentation. This module is also sold separately, in “Bootcamp” format. To learn more about it, go to this link.

What are the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur in Australia?

Australia is recognised as a country of opportunities and many possibilities to undertaking. Certain factors help create this entrepreneurial space:

Entrepreneurial ecosystem:

There is a high number of entrepreneurs in this country, concentrated in the cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, finding in them an extensive network of entrepreneurs and startups.

Government support:

Within the government agenda, there are varied funds for innovators and entrepreneurs. The system to open your own business is simple, fast, and everything is done online. There are no “obstacles” or complications when undertaking here.

Financial stability:

Australia’s economy is very stable and strong. Also, Australians’ purchasing power and all of us who live here are pretty high, so there are a high consumption rate and a lot of purchasing power.

An open mind and good perception of the new:

Thanks to the same economic stability, a willingness to learn about new ventures, business models or companies is generated. Nobody here is afraid to try new products and services!

Universities and schools focus on innovation:

Large Australian universities and many schools concentrate their studies and learning methods on entrepreneurship, new businesses, innovation and sustainability.

If you want to know more about why you should start a business in Australia, read this article.

Success Stories of International Students Who Became Entrepreneurs in Australia

Entrepreneurship in Australia is a must! And we really want to encourage you to cheer yourself up. Check out some of the success stories of international students from Academy of Entrepreneurs below. Today, Latinos and Europeans live from their own businesses in Australia, and their opportunities continue to grow!

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