How much does it cost to live in Brisbane as an international student?

“I am going to study in Australia !! But… How much does it cost to live there? ” When we make the decision to go to study in Australia one of the first things we have to choose is the destination city. Each city in Australia handles very different prices, so it is quite important to know how much it can cost us to live and which city can be cheaper when paying rent, food and other things. Today we want to tell you about how much it costs to live in Brisbane as an international student, something that many people ask about!

In general, the most popular cities and favorite destinations for our students in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. But what about Brisbane? Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland. It is very famous for its almost perfect climate throughout the year, great schools to go to study and the best; its proximity to many of Queensland’s top tourist destinations!

That is why from Puravida Study we want to give you an idea of ​​the cost of living in Brisbane so that you are encouraged to live your experience in this beautiful city!

1.Rental / Lease

In Australia, unlike Chile and other Latin American countries, leases are paid weekly as well as most salaries. When renting an accommodation it is very common for the owner to ask you for an amount or deposit in advance, the so-called “Bond” that represents between 2 and 4 weeks of your rental. Once you leave the accommodation in the same state in which you received it, this money should be returned to you.
We have made a rough comparison of how much a fixed weekly rental costs depending on the type of accommodation. Also prices may vary if you decide to live in the city center or in the surroundings.


Accommodation on campus

Housing on campus is an expensive option, but you can save money on other expenses, like food and transportation.
Average weekly cost: $ 485 – $ 645

Student accommodation

Similar to living on campus but at a more affordable price. You can rent a room in a residential student complex, which generally includes a bed, a desk, some storage, and shared bathrooms, kitchens, and common rooms. Student accommodations like Student One, Scape, Iglu, UniLodge, Urbanest, Brisbane Students, and Atira are great options if you want to stay somewhere in the city center and close to other international students.
Weekly cost: $ 195 – $ 400

Shared hosting

Organizing with more students and sharing a house is the cheapest option to live in Australia. Sometimes to lower costs you can share a bedroom or find a space just for you. On average, you can expect to pay between $ 120 – $ 300 per week in Brissy. Flatmates, Gumtree and Flatmate Finders are popular websites to find shared accommodation in Australia.

2. Bills

You can not forget to take into account the bills. Utilities may or may not be included in your housing option. Electricity, water, gas, and the Internet are generally paid every three months and divided among the people you share with, but if you plan to rent something just for yourself, this could be more expensive. An average Brisbane home costs:

  • Electricity: $ 500 per quarter
  • Water: $ 300 per quarter
  • Gas: $ 169 per quarter
  • Internet: $ 120 per quarter

Weekly could cost you between $ 15 – $ 80

3. Transportation

Brisbane’s transportation includes buses, trains, and ferries (called CityCats). There are certain universities where students can request a 50% concession fee on TransLink public transportation services (excluding Airtrain), regional qconnect bus services, and approved regional ferry services. But note that this 50% is not an option for all student institutions. Brisbane students receive a 25% discount on bike rental with CityCycle. There is also a free CityHopper ferry to travel between the city, South Bank and Kangaroo Point.
Weekly transportation cost: $ 25 – $ 45

Brisbane trasnport

4. Food and drinks

Obviously the cheapest option is to buy from the supermarket and eat at home. But with the rise of UberEats and MenuLog in Australia, it is increasingly difficult to save our money and cook since it is easier and faster to order delivery food.


  • Eat at home: $ 100 – $ 150 weekly
    Eat out: $ 10- $ 20 each time


The culture of Coffee is very powerful in Australia, if you are one of those people who love a barista coffee, you have to add this item to your weekly budget. A cup of this delicious liquid can cost from $ 3 to $ 6 Australian dollars.
If you are one of those who enjoy a good wine or a refreshing beer from time to time, it is also important to take this into account in your budget. On average, in Australia, a glass of wine, beer, or cider at a bar ranges from $ 8 to $ 12, and a cocktail can range from $ 12- $ 25.


5. Admin and stationery

Assuming you bring a computer / iPad from home, you only have to worry about your class materials. Officeworks and Kmart will be your best friends for cheap stationery.

6. Health

For foreign students it is a visa obligation to have medical coverage. Depending on the health insurance chosen, this may cover medical appointments, hospital costs, emergency ambulances and prescription drugs. It is important to know that medical insurance is paid in full when applying for the visa.
To review prices you can go to Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) to compare prices and reserve your health coverage.
Average monthly price: $ 40 – $ 80

7. Entertainment

Because you won’t be just studying, entertainment and leisure is something you will want to consider. Going to the gym, watching a movie or going to the beach to enjoy, here we leave a price list for you to have in mind.

  • Movies (student night): $ 7 – $ 9
  • Gym: $ 15 – $ 30
  • Shows (comedy, plays, etc.): $ 50
  • Daily car rental: $ 30

8. Telephone

Depending on the time for which you come you can get an annual plan or a prepaid phone plan. It is important that you come with an unlocked phone from your country so that you do not have to pay for the unlock ($ 80) or buy one here. Some company options are Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. They all have similar plans with unlimited calls, a fixed amount of GB for data and sometimes it comes with international calls included.
Weekly cost: $ 7.5 – $ 15


We hope that these estimated costs will guide and help you to have an idea about how much money you should bring and how much to save to undertake this great adventure. Do you want to live in Brisbane? Write to us today at and we can tell you about the best courses and opportunities in Brisbane.

If you want to know about other cities in Australia, here you have another helpful post with a comparison of costs between the big cities of this wonderful country.

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