How to choose where to live in Australia?

When migrating to Australia there are many decisions to make, and one of them is where to live, the truth is there are many options and amazing cities, but there are certainly some points to consider before choosing in which city to live, study and work, below we will try to help you with the 5 key points to consider. One thing in common? All cities are safe and have a very good quality of life.

According to your tastes

This is the first and easiest filter, start by thinking and defining what you like. Do you want to live in the city? Do you like culture and nightlife? Maybe Melbourne is the place for you. Would you like to live by the sea? Do you want to have the option of going to the beach every day? Then Gold Coast and Sydney are for you. Do you prefer nature and cooler weather? Tasmania is an amazing option, on the other hand, if you prefer a more temperate climate Brisbane may be the city for you.

You also have to take into account that all the cities are big and that within each one there are many different neighbourhoods, in Sydney, for example, you can live on beaches and in very quiet areas or live in more bohemian neighbourhoods or near the centre, the same in Melbourne and all the states. For this reason, we recommend that you do not rent anything long-term before arriving, the best thing to do is to explore the city, get to know the different neighbourhoods and then define where you want to live.

What is important is that you find out about the climate, it is not always summer in Australia and each area has very different climates, some with marked seasons, others very humid and some areas with a lot of rain. We recommend you search for information about this topic so you can be prepared.

Depending on your migratory objectives

This is another very important point to consider when choosing a city to live in. If you come intending to enjoy a temporary experience for one or two years, it doesn’t matter, you can live in the city you like the most. But if you are thinking about something more long-term, you should look for cities or states that may be beneficial for you.

If you want a more permanent visa in Australia you should look at which professions and occupations are part of the long and medium-term list in each state, so you can decide to live in the areas where your profession or area of study is part of the list and that could allow you a better visa in the future. You should also consider which cities or areas are considered regional, as there are specific visas for those who live and study there. Check the information on the official Immigration website.

In general, living in Melbourne and Sydney is not the best option if you want to settle long-term in Australia, in that case, it is better to consider cities like Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth. But that will always depend on your occupation and the time you migrate as Australia goes through phases, like now, with a very big lack of workers all over the country, which generates more job and visa opportunities in the long term.

Depending on who you migrate with

This is another important point to consider, as the migration experience is and will be very different if you travel alone, with your partner or with your family. And it will be different not only in emotional terms but also in economic terms and terms of your needs. For example, if you are migrating as a family it is better to consider cities like Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra, areas like the Sunshine Coast or Western Australia in general, as you can choose to rent a more spacious house or flat than in Sydney or Melbourne.

Also, the costs of your children’s studies vary according to each state, as they independently define the costs. And the same with living costs in general, smaller cities tend to be a bit cheaper to live in. We recommend you our blog about migrating with family.

On the other hand, if you come alone and want to meet people, entertaining areas like Gold Coast, Melbourne or Sydney are incredible opportunities to have a good time and have a more active social life. Or if your visa allows it you can live seasonally working around Australia with other backpackers, in remote areas extending your Work and Holidays visa or in the mines if you aim to save money.

For couples, there are many options and you can for example try smaller areas or cities such as Tasmania, Byron Bay or Noosa, or also try the big cities where there are good rental options for couples and where you can achieve a good balance between study and work.

Depending on your budget

Course prices vary from state to state, especially for English language courses and university courses. It is also important to consider the benefits that this can bring you, for example, studying for a Master’s degree is often an investment, if you have that budget it can be a good idea to consider studying in certain cities or regional areas where you can get a longer Post Study visa, so if you divide the cost by all the years you get a visa it can be even more convenient. Many universities offer scholarships and good opportunities, such as the University of Tasmania and Flinders University in South Australia.

If you want to study a one or two-year vocational course, Sydney and Melbourne offer a lot of choices so prices are more competitive and lower, at the same time if you want to study technical courses consider regional areas or the state of Queensland for example (to study in TAFE) are very good options to find lower prices.

Depending on the community you want to be close to

Australia is a multicultural country and you will be surprised how many friends you can have from all over the world. There are certain cities or areas where there are more immigrants or people of certain nationalities. If, for example, you want to have Latin friends and be part of the community, living in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney will allow you to have many friends from South America.

On the other hand, if you want to try to live a more “Aussie” life or at least speak English most of the time, living in Western Australia or the Northern Territory will force you to interact with people from all over the world as there are fewer concentrations of Latinos. This will always depend on you and not only on the area you live in because you will always have the option to interact with whomever you want.

We hope that this note will help you at least a little to consider certain relevant issues when making a decision. Obviously, you should discuss this with your agent or advisor and look for the best course options that fit your priorities and what you are looking for.

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