How to find an internship in Australia

Making an Internship is one of the best ways to start your professional career, gain experience in your field, learn about the industry you are interested in, and building networks. Doing your internship in Australia is the perfect place to start: it’s an English-speaking country, has amazing beaches, strong and growing economy, lots of opportunities in diverse fields, and the best world lifestyle.

The hardest step of getting an internship is actually finding the internship programme that best suits your qualifications and goals. Also, creating the first connections abroad is not easy, especially if you are still a student or have just finished your studies.

Australian Internships is an organization who offers internships in almost all academic disciplines between more than 7000 organizations throughout the country. This is your best option if you are dreaming of start developing your professional career in Australia.

Why should I choose an Internship in Australia?

There are lots of reasons why you should get an internship in Australia, but let us tell you which are the main points you should think about:

  • Gain practical experience in the Australian workforce
  • Receive training within your area of study
  • Expand your network of professional contacts
  • Cultivate industry-specific terminology
  • Improve workplace communication skills
  • Develop soft skills that are vital for career success
  • Add value to your degree
  • Get one step closer for future visas in Australia! Like a sponsorship visa for example.

Are internships in Australia paid?

There are different kinds of programmes when you decide to take an internship in Australia. In this country not all internships are paid, they mainly depend on the industry and the company. Some internships are paid, some are not, and some others offer a monthly stipend to help cover your costs.

What visa is needed for an internship in Australia?

When you apply for an internship programme with Australian Internships they can help you apply for the 408 Temporary activity Visa or 407 Training Visa. Both of them depends on the kind of programme you selected.
Although you can choose between this specific visas for internships in Australia, you can also apply for this programme if you are under other visas like Working Holiday Visa 417, Work & Holiday Visa 462, Temporary Graduate Visa or Skilled Visa.

How do Australian Internships programs work?


Do you want to start looking for your internship? Please contact us at or get in touch with Australian Internships at . We are here to help you plan your journey to Australia and find the best path for you:) Have you already done an internship experience in Australia and want to share your experience? Leave us a comment below!

If you are planning to study a course in Australia, please remember to visit our website here or just send us an email at to give you a full picture of the options available.


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