Live and study in Manly

This paradise located just 30 minutes from Sydney can offer you an incredible quality of life, beautiful beaches, excellent surfing and several schools that will allow you to live, study and work in a unique environment surrounded by nature. Discover why you should live and study in Manly, read until the end!

Why live and study in Manly?

Manly is located in the city of Sydney just 30 minutes by ferry from the CBD. Despite being very close, it has a calm rhythm and lifestyle. Everything is surfing, outdoor sports, paradisiacal beaches and nature. But at the same time, you can find endless job opportunities and several schools to study.

During the summer months, it is a very touristic area, and throughout the year it has a wide range of activities and restaurants, so finding work in the hospitality area is very feasible. It is an area in constant growth, so there is also a lot of work in the construction area, and many wealthy local families live, so, usually, they hire cleaners and Nanny services. As you can see, there are many job opportunities in case you want to live here.

Along with working and enjoying the beach, Manly has a variety of activities, check out this note from our blog with the Top 10 activities you can do on weekends and why not during the week! Aldo, you can also take advantage of going to know the other beaches that are nearby such as Freshwater, CurlCurl and DeeWhy.

Have a look at the schools below that will allow you to study and enjoy Australia in the best way. Flexibility and good prices are found in the following schools:

Which are my options?

Lexis English

This school, located in front of Manly Beach, teaches a series of programs offering variety, flexibility and new knowledge to its students. You can find from general English courses, preparation for the IELTS and Cambridge, to diplomas in Business for approximately AUD 1,000 the Term (every 10 weeks) and Leadership and Management for AUD 1,000 the Term.

The courses last from 6 months to a year and a half, being able to complement different courses between them to make a more profound experience of knowledge, and also a more extended visa period. At the same time, these courses have enough flexibility to work the 20 hours that this visa allows you while studying.

College of Sports and Fitness

In this school, you can find different courses that will give you tools to professionalise and develop your career linked to sports and the world of fitness. Courses such as Sports Coaching for AUD 1,300 per Term (every 10 weeks), Sports Development, Yoga for AUD 1,900 per Term (every 10 weeks) and Weith Management are some of those that you can find in their Sydney CBD, Perth and Manly locations.

On the other hand, you can find courses and diplomas like Marketing and Communication or Leadership and Management for AUD 1,300 per Term (every 10 weeks). These courses will allow you to work the 20 hours permitted with the Student Visa without a problem, and you will have the time to study as well.

Australian Pacific College

APC offers a wide variety of vocational courses from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma, in areas related to English courses for AUD 1,500 per term (every 10 weeks); Design, Social Media, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Project Management for AUD 1,500 per term ( every 10 weeks), among others.

These courses will allow you to deepen your knowledge in your areas of interest and obtain your student visa for the duration of the course, or the classes you want to take, plus two months of vacation so you can enjoy Australia.

International College of Management

If what you are looking for is to study a Master’s Degree that will improve your professional career, this is your place. ICMS is a renowned Sydney school located in a castle on the top of Manly (if you know Manly you have surely already seen it) that will allow you to apply for a Post Graduate visa once you finish your studies. This postgraduate Visa enables you to work for two more years in Australia after your studies conclude.

You can find a Master in International Business, Management, Event Management, among others, the values range from $ 14,000 per semester with the possibility of scholarships of up to 100% in subsequent semesters.

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How can I access a student visa?

In this article on our blog, you can find a guide on everything you need to know to study in Australia. The most important thing is to know is that with this visa you can travel, study and work without problems.

The visa lasts for the duration of the course, plus two months of vacations and you can get it while outside the country, or if you are in Australia with another visa, Working Holidays, for example, you can apply and change from one to another. The same in case of wanting to apply for this visa for the second time, it is possible, the important thing is that you study a course of a higher level than the first one you already took.

Have a look at this article to understand how to go from a Work and Holiday Visa to a Student Visa in Australia.

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*Terms of study range from 8-12 weeks of classes. Payments can vary between 10 weeks up to 12 weeks maximum. Contact us for further information.

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