Living abroad and BioNeuroEmotion: Read the story of Khristel

Travel far from your country, leave your family and friends behind, venture into the unknown and experience new things in a different language … Today we want to introduce Khristel Berkhoff, one of our students who lived in Australia 10 years ago, and who returned to study English. While studying, Khristel offers to help people with sessions of BioNeuroEmotion, a method of emotional well-being where you can deal with any type of daily conflict or symptom. Read until the end!

Khristel, tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I can define myself as a lover of the meaning of life and the openness of consciousness, Engineer in Risk Prevention by profession. But for a few years now I have been dedicated to accompanying people to achieve the emotional well-being of their daily problems or their symptoms and to fight against their biggest enemy “Their thoughts”. In addition to all the courses I have completed, I am finishing an English course here in Australia and a postgraduate course in BioNeuroEmotion.

When did you start your trip to Australia?

This began in 2009, wanting to live a different experience, with many expectations that on the way some were fulfilled and others were not, there were questions, such as: Am I doing the right thing? What will happen to this or that? And when I return to my country, what will happen? What if I stay here? , etc. Finally, the trip planned for 6 months was transformed into 3 years with many experiences lived high and low and going through all the emotions, sometimes anger, grief, loneliness, frustration but also many joys.

At the end of my adventure, I decided to return to my country, but after 10 years I came back! … Yes! Came back to Australia !! and I understood that this is life … High, low, anger, grief, frustration and also joy. Yes, these are all states that are not bad to experiment, the problem we have is the “illusion” that we control something, but it is not, I understood that only life knows what will be best for us. Therefore everything that one lives, is what it had to be and what we should experience for our evolution. We can make plans of course, but without expectations, since that is where the human being is mistaken since he forgets to live every moment, waiting for a result, hoping to reach that goal… and what would happen if that result or goal does not arrive? We lost ourselves to live the whole way we walk every second, which by the way is the only sure thing we have. Our present moment.

Therefore, each path is individual, just as each experience will be unique and different. Many people will be able to advise you on many things and they will do it with the best of good intentions, but each person will advise you according to their life story. If someone feels fear or insecurity about something, they will advise you from there, from their own fears, as well as if someone has confidence, they will advise you from their own confidence, or someone who has a bad experience with something or someone will advise you from there. Therefore remember to take what works for you, but always believing in your intuition. And even if you don’t do for a time what you were used to doing as leaving your comfort zone, always love whatever you do in life, so that That loves you back. Life will not give you more than what you do not deliver.

Now that you have returned to Australia to study English, how do you think this course can help you professionally or personally?

I consider that independent of the professional, English language is still the first option everywhere since it is one of the most studied languages in the world. Everyone will have different purposes with English, I personally always loved the language, despite what it cost me at school I decided to study it here in Australia (as a personal dream).

On the other hand, I consider that studying the language in another country, is a faster way to integrate it, since everything around is in English, so even if it is for survival you have to learn to communicate. Being able to finish my course will also help me deliver my services and projects not only to Latin people but also with English speakers since finally, the daily conflicts are universal.

While studying in Australia, what course/workshops do you offer?

In Australia, I am doing individual sessions of BioNeuroEmotion, as well as participating in some radio programs, for the Latin community. This method helps people achieve emotional well-being, through a deep understanding of the origin of their daily conflicts or symptoms, managing to identify the emotional factor that is influencing, and thus achieve a fuller life. I always refer to this phrase “People want to see the rainbow without going through the storm”.

Also, if there is a particular topic that some company wants to discuss, I also talk about it, but rather my talks are focused on the change of perception, generating a change within one, so that it can be manifested outside. We want our environment to change, without changing us, and that does not work.

Who is BioNeuroEmotion session for?

As I said my talks are focused on guiding people to change how they are perceiving life, to flow with what life has to show us, to learn to live with the good and bad to let go of control and enjoy the only thing we have sure “Our present moment”. Everything has its process, therefore everything you want to achieve in life, in any area will be on the other side of fear. Therefore you have to let yourself flow and enjoy the journey.

How do you think these sessions could help someone who is living/working/travelling in Australia?

I can only accompany anyone who wants to be accompanied, who dares to experience life and perceive it in another way. When you achieve the understanding of your complaints, anger, disconformities, you are achieving the long-awaited emotional freedom, which will be applicable to any area of ​​your life, professional, family, work, also in friendly relationships, and in all areas.

Are you going through a similar moment? Would you like to understand the origin of some daily conflict that you may repeat and do not know how to solve it? Then participates in a session of BioNeuroEmotion. Get in touch with Khristel by phone at 04 31908031 or by Whatsapp +56956373967. You can also send an email to or visit her Instagram and Facebook bioemocionkb.

Do you want to study and travel around Australia? Remember to write to, visit our web, or leave us a message below to ask us what you need.

See you in Australia mate!


An Argentina passionate about travelling, cooking, interested in sustainability and always learning new things. After having travelled and lived in Australia, she is now studying a master's degree in Sydney and sharing her experience with all those who want to come!

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