Reasons to study Entrepreneurship in Australia

If you are looking to study entrepreneurship you must have a look at what Australia has to offer! We can tell you plenty of reasons why you should study entrepreneurship in this country, but first, let us introduce you to the entrepreneurial world, and why you should take a course in this field.

What does entrepreneurship mean?

The word entrepreneurship can imply a mix of connotations. On the positive side of the meaning, an entrepreneur is someone who thinks outside of the box, is creative, risk-taking, and provide new solutions, products, and services, to the world. Entrepreneurs do not see problems as an obstacle to developing a business, they see them as opportunities to create something new and valuable, something that evolves during the time, adapting to every scenario.
However, when talking about entrepreneurship we also need to consider the negative side of the meaning. Entrepreneurs have to deal with managing anxiety, as usually, entrepreneurship activities grow slowly, they struggle to find investors, and takes a bit of time until their true impact become evident.
Entrepreneurship is an entirely new world, an amazing and crazy adventure to go for if you are willing to make an idea come true, be your own boss, and have your own business.

Do you need to study to be an entrepreneur?

SPOILER ALERT: You don’t need to but believe me,
you have some advantages if you do!

Most known entrepreneurs have not specifically studied an academic course to become one. In general, they were normal human beings who have developed their careers (of whatever industry you can imagine) until one day they decided to change their situation, their lives, and follow their own dreams. Have you read the stories about Walt Disney or J.K Rowling?

But what happens if you do not have any business knowledge? If you have already tried to start your business, or even If you have this amazing idea but you don’t know the right steps to make it come alive? Or if you are motivated with an idea you are not sure is going to succeed?
This is why studying an entrepreneurial course can give you some amazing tools to start this new path. There are a lot of interesting international colleges you can choose from around the world. In Australia, we consider that there are only a few colleges we can truly recommend according to your goals, your previous background and expectations. Sometimes a course in Business that emphasises in Entrepreneurship could be enough for you, or maybe an Entrepreneurship and Innovation course would be better! Even a Marketing and Communications course should be considered sometimes. By studying a course about entrepreneurship, or something similar, you can achieve some key skills and tools like:

1. Start building your Network.

Cooperation and connections are the main things for entrepreneurs. Studying entrepreneurship usually provides you with interesting new classmates that can become new workmates, or even work with projects with ongoing entrepreneurs. Imagine yourself studying in Sydney, one of the most multicultural places in the world, with classmates and teachers from diverse cultures and different backgrounds… sounds good right?

2. Learning the first steps.

Starting a project is like learning to walk, you won’t learn until you fall millions of times! When you learn about entrepreneurship inside an academic institution these first steps can become easier, and you can even get involved with real enterprises, learn through their process while being mentored by professionals of diverse fields!

3. Work with real enterprises.

Usually, when studying entrepreneurship students are encouraged to work with real enterprises. Especially in Australia, there are plenty of new startups and entrepreneurial hubs you can get in contact with and learn from real experiences. Contact with real cases, real entrepreneurs, real projects come to live!

Why study entrepreneurship in Australia?

Australia is not only about beautiful beaches and surf. The U.S. News and World Report have ranked the best countries for entrepreneurship, and Australia is between the 10 first top countries. This ranking is based on several factors like the availability of a skilled and educated workforce, developed infrastructure, a well-developed legal framework, and easy access to capital.
Australia is definitely a country with a strong economy and highly open to receive students and professionals from all over the world. This entrepreneurial multicultural ecosystem and well developed legal-economic environment set all the reasons to make the decision to study entrepreneurship in Australia.

What do you think about entrepreneurship? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts and experience.
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