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Nowadays it’s more than clear the importance and influence of the online world in our lives. We are connected to do common daily tasks, such as checking our online banking, buying a desired product or talking to a friend. Not only for us, people and consumers, the internet is essential today, but also for most of the businesses around.
This means that lots of companies are investing in digital activities to present themselves to the market, gain awareness and generate sales. There is a high demand for Digital Marketing professionals in Australia who will create strategies and solutions to achieve the companies’ online goals. So, if you have already Marketing graduation and want to be a specialist in Digital Marketing or if you are interested in starting a career in this field, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at this article because we will show you why you should study Digital Marketing in Australia, and check these quotes!

Reasons to Study Digital Marketing in Australia

1. The number of Online consumers is increasing

The number of online shoppers is constantly growing all over the world.

The powerful American online market has a projection of 230 million online shoppers, while in Australia it is estimated to be 14 million e-commerce users by 2021. Pretty significant, isn’t it? That means a huge opportunity for different kind of industries to develop their online presence and invest in Digital Marketing.

Online shoppers USA

Online shoppers Australia

Resource: Eshopworld, July 2019.


2. The use of Mobile and Social Media networks is expanding 

Mobile phones are taking over the world. They are convenient, portable and are all the time updated with nice new features and versions, everyone wants them today.

The use of smartphones has increased significantly in the last years and it will be even more intense in the future. Around 3.7 billion of internet users will access the internet solely via their phone by 2025,  so what is already big will become massive in the next years, a huge opportunity for businesses and Digital Marketing experts.

One of the most used items on both smartphone or desktop is social media apps and websites. In 2019, there are 4.3 billion internet users and 3.4 billion social media users worldwide, an impressive penetration considering that the world population has reached 7.7 billion in April 2019.

In Australia, the social network penetration achieves more than 50% of the population, with a positive growth forecast.

Social media penetration

Resource: Eshopworld, July 2019.


3. Digital Marketing experts are in-demand

With online consumers and mobile & social media usage growing at a large scale worldwide, investing in digital marketing will be crucial for companies. As a consequence, more qualified digital marketers will be required to do a great job and catch customers.

Accordingly with the website Smart Insights, Australia currently has the highest digital ad spend per user in the world. Australian consumers are buying more from connected devices and continue to spend more time on the internet than all other forms of media.

Moreover, the 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends by McKinley Marketing Partners shows that there is a serious digital skills shortage in the Marketing industry as it is growing fast, but there aren’t enough qualified and experienced candidates to meet the demand.

So, we don’t need to say more about why studying Digital marketing in Australia is a great decision to have a promising career in the country, do we? Check it out below how to start!

Start studying a Digital Marketing course in Australia

Now that you found out the Digital Marketing career golden pot and want to enter in an industry with more jobs than qualified candidates, it is important to choose a high-quality course and become a pro-level Digital Marketing expert!

The 3 main important elements the course has to provide you are:

  • The course guide
    Digital Marketing is much more than learning how to manage social media or ads. Today’s digital marketers are both creatives and strategic thinkers. A great course covers all the digital marketing spectrum as Content marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Advertising, assists you in developing creative skills such as crafting brand messages using Storytelling techniques and teaches you how to smash analysis to measure the performance of websites and campaigns.
  • Master practical tools
    Together with a strong theoretical base, you need to understand and efficiently practice with digital marketing platforms to finally optimize or automate campaigns, social media channels or websites. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Youtube, Hootsuite and Hubspot are examples of essential platforms today.
  • Practice with the real market
    In order to become a digital marketing expert with job-ready skills and experience is necessary to collaborate with real-world projects, clients and industry leaders. It is mandatory that the course provides a networking program to gain hands-on experience in the real market and get ahead of the competition.

Study Marketing in Australia

Australia has plenty of courses and opportunities to offer you. From a Marketing and Communications course to a Social Media Marketing or even a Business course with a focus on Digital Marketing. Have a look at this video where we tell you all about studying Marketing in Australia, including prices and the best opportunities!


Want some quotes? Check out these ones:

If you decide to study a Digital Marketing Course in Australia or just want other specific information about it, remember we can provide you with the best advice in courses, colleges, and visas. Just send us a message at  or visit our website.

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See you in Australia, mate!

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