Study in Regional Areas in Australia

Studying in Regional Areas in Australia is an excellent option for any international student who plans to live, study and work in Australia. In this article we will briefly explain why you should consider it, what are the main advantages, and how from Puravida Study we can help you.

First of all, do you know what the Regional Areas in Australia are? The Australian government has well identified which areas it considers regional or not. The list of these areas is very long, so we share the list of areas that are NOT regional:
– Sydney
– Melbourne
– Newcastle
– Perth
– Gold coast
– Brisbane
– Wollongong

Every other place in Australia that is not included in this list is considered a Regional Area. But what are the advantages of studying in one of these areas? Let us share some of the main reasons why studying and living in a Regional Area in Australia is an excellent alternative:

The value of the courses is lower

Usually, when one moves away from the big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and all of the previously named ones, the price of the courses is lower. There are very good schools and universities in Regional Areas that can offer you a very good education and at a much lower price than in a large city. In addition, generally, the lifestyle in these areas is also cheaper, including the payment of accommodation, public transport, etc.

Options for future visas

This is the most important point if you are thinking about a possible migration to Australia, or at least stay working for a few extra years after your studies. When you study in a regional area, you have the possibility that once completed the studies you can apply for visas such as Regional Skilled Visa, Post Graduate Visa, among others. These types of visas are designed so that you can work full time and gain experience in what you have studied. Not only that, but these visas can also open opportunities for a possible permanent migration in the country.

From Puravida Study we can help you find the course that best suits your goals and budget. As educational agents, we work closely with large schools and universities that might interest you. In addition, we work together with immigration agents, who can also advise you on issues of migration and planning of future visas.

Are you interested in studying in a Regional Area in Australia? Watch the following video where our CEO Luis explains in detail about these areas, opportunities, advantages, and above all real examples of students studying in them. Look at it until the end and find out some tips that might interest you when thinking about studying in a Regional Area in Australia.


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See you in Australia, mate!

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