The 5 greatest challenges of living in Australia every student should know

Before going to Australia, most of our students ask what are the greatest challenges related to living in the country.
The objective of this article is to let you know the most common difficult aspects we encounter when arriving in a new country and the best ways to perceive and deal with them.
After exploring the downside, we are going to prepare a new article with some solutions and tips more in detail for every element here exposed. So, stay tuned in our blog!

1. Homesickness

This is the most common challenge that our students face while in Australia, especially in the first months. To live abroad means that you will be far away from family and friends on a daily basis, what requires great emotional balance to not feel down or lonely.
However, it is a process of adaptation that brings powerful growth, maturity and with time it becomes easier to deal with.
From our experience, the best way to overcome it is starting meeting people and build new groups of friends. How good is to have friends from every corner of the world? Look at the positive side 😉

2. The Australian accent

This is probably one of the first things you will notice when arriving in Australia. Abbreviations are the main characteristic in the Australian language, reflecting its friendly culture.
Understand them is a real challenge that every international student have, but we promise that with time, your ears and vocabulary knowledge you will recognize the most popular Australian words and expressions and the way they communicate.
Patience and dedication are the key points to definitely learn the language.

3. Cultural differences

The differences can be seen and felt in many ways. Food, relationships, customs, everything has an impact when in a new country.
The Australian food has influences from a range of cuisines worldwide and it is very common to buy take away meals or eat in restaurants. The homemade food aspect is not that strong over there.
Even though Australians are friendly and easygoing people, they are still not so warm as usually, South Americans are. But, it shouldn’t be generalized, individuals are unique and it varies a lot. Be careful to not accept it as a fixed truth and miss potential good relationships.

4. Finding jobs

Ok, so you arrived in Australia and need a job to survive, what to do? Many students find that difficult because of the language barrier or the visa restrictions towards working hours.
As a student, you are allowed to work up to 40 hours fortnightly (or 20 hours per week). It can decrease the job opportunities you could get, but it is not a reason to worry that much.
Australians are familiarized with student workers and there are plenty of part-time and casual jobs available. You just need to get to know the path to find the best options for you and accordingly with your English level, it is possible for everyone.

5. Living with others

Another basic point when leaving home is to find a new place and start living with other people.
Australia is a melting pot with people from many countries in the whole world, which means different cultures and costumes. Sharing an apartment with people that you barely know or from a culture very distinct than yours can be definitely challenging (but very fun too).
We recommend establishing with your flatmates some house rules to make it more organized and simple. Remember that respect is the base of any relationship.

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We hope all of that helps you out and makes your Australian journey the best of your life!
We see you in Australia, mate!

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