Fede and Pame’s Australian experience

From Puravida we understand how difficult is to leave the comfort zone and jump into the adventure of study and travel abroad. Today we share the experience of Fede and Pame, a couple of Argentines who decided to change a little the course of their routine to have their experience in Australia.
In this interview, two Argentines in Australia explains to us about their main challenges, and how was their process to apply for a student visa and get a good English course in Australia. Do not miss this article with the best advice that Fede and Pame share. Read it until the end!

Hi guys, before starting, would you like to tell us a little about who you are?

Fede: Well, we are Pamela and Federico, from Argentina. I am 31 years old and Pame is 33. We are both professionals, I have a degree in Hygiene and Safety and Pame a Bachelor in Administration.

Pame: Both of us had been working for the same companies for almost 10 years, each one in its own field, and we were already quite established in Argentina.

Why did you decide to come to Australia to study English?

Pame: Well, first of all, we had already made the decision to come to Australia before selecting our English course. But we believe that in order to be able to develop our selves in this country learning the language was really important. The truth is that our English base was not very good, so we decided that the first step in Australia would be to study English, and maybe later to think about other options, like studying something different, while working.

Fede: Also, during a trip we did last year we spent 5 days in Sydney, and we loved it! How the country is managed, the organization, the landscapes… the truth is that we were shocked and we said, we have to go back!

Pame: Well at the end we chose Sydney and not another city because it is what we feel pretty comfortable with, as we have visited before once. And for us, this was a super decision! and although from Puravida they also showed us very good options in other cities, we decided on Sydney, but maybe later we can encourage ourselves to change city … who knows.

How did you feel about the process, including the application to the course and the student visa?

Fede: Uff … what can you say about that? It was a total revolution! Although we had been talking about it for quite some time, about the idea of ​​coming to Australia for a few months, try, and see what happened … at the moment we made the decision, everything happened like a domino effect. The process was very fast, I think in a month we had solved almost everything.

Pame: Likewise, before contacting with Puravida, we already knew what we were looking for, the type of English course we wanted, the duration and the city. So I think that made the process quite easy. Once Luis offered us several schools and we chose, the truth is that everything went on very quickly, especially because of Puravida´s help. Perhaps by doing it by ourselves, we would never have achieved it in such a short time and simple way.
But at the same time, I think we did things a bit messy! Haha First we made the decision to go to Australia, we resigned from our jobs, and then we decided to apply! Instead of waiting to have the visa and everything to unleash everything else, so that was what generated more anxiety in the process.

Fede: Yes … the truth is that those 20 days between when we stopped working and we waited for visas … they were terrible!

Pame: Imagine we were already out of work, very used to our jobs and our pace … we wanted to organize and leave everything in order to give the companies enough time. But it caused a lot of anxiety.

Fede: At the time we were doing the application of the visas, mine was approved immediately, so we relaxed a bit. But Pame’s, no, took a little longer, and those days of waiting were disturbing. It made us rethink everything, we began to ask what would happen if the visa did not come out of it, we began to imagine a lot of scenarios … we rethought everything!

Pame: We suffered a little, but Luis always transmitted us a lot of peace and told us “wait, have a little patience, this is normal, it always happens”. Poor, we drove him crazy! LOL

Fede: So that was the only critical moment, but everything else was quite fast and simple, and they made it very simple from the agency as well.

Do you consider that this was the critical or “challenging” moment in the whole process, or was there something else?

Fede: I think the most anxious moment was the one we just mentioned, those 15/20 days we had to wait for Pame’s visa to be approved, and … rethink everything planned!

Pame: and prior to the application, it challenging the step to realise we are leaving everything, including our careers, our house, family, friends … we knew that it would not be easy for us to distance ourselves from everything (even if it was not for long). But that was the key, the support of our entire environment to continue this path. We knew we wanted to cut a little with the routine but we were not so sure of what was going to happen … to do that little jump that at first seems to be a cliff but at the same time being open-minded on what may come after.

Fede: for now we have considered the idea of ​​staying in Australia between 6 months to 1 year, with the original idea of ​​returning to our country (self-defence mechanism against the unknown … haha). But in the meantime, we know that a lot of things can happen and we have to be open to that.

How do you feel that Puravida helped you throughout the process?

Fede: I think their help was essential, for all the management they did for us. In the most critical moments they gave us everything, they were always there and available to answer and communicate with us despite the time difference. Luis answered us at all times, he was always there to clarify our doubts and especially reassure us in the moments of more anxiety. And as we said before, in that domino effect when everything went by very quickly, they were always present and facilitating everything so that we felt it was super simple.

Pame: In fact, we found Luis after having spoken with other agencies. We had already talked to two agencies before Puravida. But we decided to continue with Luis first of all because they listened to us on what our goals were and what we wanted to do, and they also offered us many other very interesting alternatives, something that other agencies did not even tell us. They listened to our needs and respecting that, gave us the best options and alternatives.

Fede: when we contacted the other agencies, some of them generated distrust regarding the little experience they had. For example, an agent who offered us his services, actually was living in Australia for a few months, had not studied a course or anything, but spoke to us from the experience of people he knew. On the other hand, with Puravida from the first moment we realized that they had extensive experience in visa management, that they really knew the places, the schools in detail … that showed a lot of difference in experience, in management and process, and finally it helped us to decide to continue the application with Luis.

What advice would you give to someone who is also thinking of coming to study in Australia?

Fede: if I could choose a suggestion …

Pame: I think I will suggest being open. Here you find yourself with something totally different from what one imagines, the lifestyle we had in Argentina, the contrast is very shocking … Do not think so much about what you are leaving behind, but rather come with an open mind and be ready to find new things here.

Fede: Especially for those who really want to live the experience, and they are doubting it … simply the best advice is to do it!

Pame: yes to do it, with fear and everything, with doubts and everything, do it anyway! Because most enriching things are the ones that happen without being planned!

Fede: I think you end up regretting about the things you DON´T do. So it is preferable to do it, go right or wrong, you were able to make the decision and not stay with the doubt of what would have happened.

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See you in Australia, mate!



An Argentina passionate about travelling, cooking, interested in sustainability and always learning new things. After having travelled and lived in Australia, she is now studying a master's degree in Sydney and sharing her experience with all those who want to come!

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