Top 5 things to do in Broome

Broome is, literally, a paradise. I would say, the hidden pearl of the West. It’s a small town on the West Coast of Australia, north of the Tropic of Capricorn. As the region has tropical weather, the best time to visit it is from June to September during the dry season. On these months the temperature is just perfect with up to 30°C on daytime and cool nights of no less than 15°C. You will never see a cloud during that period, which means your plans and tours will never be cancelled because of bad weather. Broome has so many things to offer that was difficult to summarize it, but here are the top 5 things to do in Broome:

1. Cable Beach

Go for a walk or a swim on this amazing white sand beach of 22 kilometres long that bathes on the shore of the Indic Ocean. The turquoise water mixed up with deep blues changes the tones as the sun goes down, turning the beach into a huge mirror of the sunset. The sky painting the sand and water with pastel colours of yellows, oranges, reds and light blue is the perfect ending of a day in Broome.

Historical fact: the beach was named “Cable Beach” because it is the spot where the first telegraph cable line was set in 1899.

Sunset at Cable Beach

2. Gantheaume Point

This is a spot, 5 minutes away from town by car and 25 by bike, that you can’t miss among the top 5 things to do in Broome. It’s an area of red rocks formations contrasting with the turquoise of the water, where you can do many things. At high tide, you can jump from the top of the rocks into the clear water of the ocean or just chill until the tide slowly goes down giving place to beautiful natural pools left on the rock holes, where you can relax while you soak in. On the lowest tide’s days you can explore around the rocks looking for blue ring octopus (just to see them, don’t touch or disturb them) or the dinosaur footprints which are millions of years old and nature managed to preserve on rocks. If you are lucky, at sunset you might see the whales breaching on the horizon.

Gantheaume Point

3. Staircase to the Moon

If you are in Broome for full-moon nights you will have the privilege to see this phenomenon that happens only three days a month during the dry season. You can see it from a place called Town Beach. The low tide uncovers the mudflats of the area and when the moon rises the reflection of its light shows what perfectly looks like a staircase straight to the moon. Broome is one of the few places in the world where you can see this amazing natural phenomenon.

For more information about the Staircase to the Moon click here.

4. Sun Pictures Cinema

The town has the oldest outdoor cinema in the world, called Sun Pictures. It was inaugurated when the first Australians and immigrants settled down in the area and started the pearl industry, which is the main reason of Broome’s development. Today, tourists and travellers can enjoy a film sitting down on the very antique but very comfortable chairs of the cinema with stars as witnesses. It really is a beautiful experience, not only because it’s outdoors, but because everything looks exactly as it did in the past. You can take pillows with you, blankets, food and you get so comfortable that it is like watching a film at home, but under the stars and in the world’s oldest outdoor cinema.

Sun Pictures Cinema

5. Broome Market

Every Saturday the Broome Local Market opens in the morning until 1 p.m. This is a perfect place to meet the locals, who gather there to sell their products, being mango smoothies one of the favourites. Also, you can “grab a bite” from one of the food-trucks, buy some local crafts and listen to live music. What makes this stroll a very nice plan is to be among the friendly locals and a part of Broome’s life. If you go to the town just for a few days, this is the perfect spot to see the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere it has, to see the real “Broome vibe”.

If you are a nature lover, you are keen on history and you like quiet places but socially active, Broome is a great place for you to live or visit. The ocean is calm and the weather is perfect, the people are friendly and the “vibe” is very nice and relaxed. It is a very remote town in the Australian outback but if you are adventurous and you travel to the West Coast, Broome is a place that is worth a visit.

PH by @livvie_bruce

We hope you enjoyed reading the Top 5 things to do in Broome, now you are ready for the adventure! Would you like to know more about Broome? Check out this article about working in the Hospitality industry in Broome. Also, you can follow Denisse and more of her adventures on her blog Viajera Cero Kilometro, click here!

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