Top 5 tips to emigrate to Australia

There are many reasons to migrate to Australia to work, study, travel or live. Whether you want to live a temporary experience abroad or look for long-term opportunities, your reasons can be varied. For those of us who are already here, Australia is an incredible experience that we recommend 100%, so we want to leave you some advice in case you decide to emigrate to this country.

1. Choose the visa that meets your objectives

There are many visa options to come to Australia. Before starting any procedure, it is important that you inform yourself about the conditions and requirements for the visa, and what opportunities it may grant you. Among the most chosen visas to start your trip to Australia are Student or Work and Holiday Visas, among the most popular by Latin Americans. These visas allow you to work, travel, study and experience true Australian life.

If you want to project a longer stay in Australia or a possible Residence, it is important to consult with a migration agent to evaluate your options in detail. There are various visas that help you reach this goal, but professional advice is essential. Write to us at and we will contact you with experienced agents.

If your first goal is to come to visit and then decide about your future here, you can always apply for a Tourist Visa. But remember, with this visa you only have permission to come on vacation, not to work.

2. Study to get a Permanent Residence

Closely related to the previous point, there are certain ways that can help you get a Permanent Residence in Australia. If this is what you are looking for, it is important that you consult with an immigration agent about it. Tell them what your profession is, what you would like to do, and ask them about the options in Australia. Australia is the ideal country to reinvent yourself and dedicate yourself to doing what you might never have done in your country. Studying courses and certifications such as Carpentry, Electrician, Engineering, Chef, and many others can help you build your stay in Australia.

In addition, if you are already a professional in any of the demanded careers in Australia you also have many opportunities, so it is a matter of advising you well. If you want to receive information about it and evaluate your situation, write to us at, and we will put you in contact with one of our immigration agents who advise our students.

If you want to know more about how to study in Australia, click here to access the complete guide.

3. The English level is important

Australians speak in English, but it may not be the English we are used to hearing if you are not a native English speaker. You will see when you land at the airport your first adventure is to understand the instructions of the officers 😅 But why is English important? The better you handle the language, the better the job opportunities you will find, and we tell you this from experience! Many Latin Americans decide to enrol in a general or basic English course as soon as we arrive to catch up on the language, or even if you already have a good level you can enrol in more advanced courses.

4. Choose the right city for you

Australia is very big and each city is unique and very different from the others. Do you like the beach, the city, the mountains or the snow? Do you like cultural events or do you prefer idyllic beaches? Do you prefer a big city or a more remote and quiet place? Here you have everything to choose from! The important thing is that you gather the necessary information to be able to choose the right place for you.

For many students or travellers, the budget is a point to consider when choosing the city. Generally, the main cities like Sydney are usually more expensive to live, although they also offer many other benefits. We recommend that you read this article where we discuss the costs of living in the main cities of Australia and thus help you in your decision.

5. Do you want to migrate with your family? Yes, you can!

Many of us have families and still want to experience Australia. To all those who are in this situation, we want to clarify that YES YOU CAN. To achieve this you must choose a Visa that allows you to include your partner or children, such as a Student Visa. The Work and Holiday visa, for example, does not allow dependents to be included in the visa, so if you want to apply for a Work and Holiday you and your partner should apply for the visa separately.

In any case, each case is unique and there are many options to choose from. Contact us today at to suggest possible options. We have a lot of experience helping families to migrate to Australia and you can be one of them 🙂


Do you want to migrate to Australia? Still can’t decide how to do it? Write to us today at and we will help you clarify your doubts. Our advice is free 🙂 If you already have in mind studying in Australia, we recommend you fill out this form to get a quote and help you in the process. You can also send us a message to our contact page on the web and we will answer you right away 🙂


An Argentina passionate about travelling, cooking, interested in sustainability and always learning new things. After having travelled and lived in Australia, she is now studying a master's degree in Sydney and sharing her experience with all those who want to come!

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