Understanding Student Visa Rejections in Australia

Cases of rejected visas in Australia are on the rise, and at PURAVIDA, we want to help you understand what might be behind this trend.

The increase in the number of rejected visas began after the government published its Migration Strategy in December 2023.

As we explained in a blog post a few months ago, this new policy introduced stricter visa criteria and updated application procedures. Consequently, there has been a rise in denied student visa applications, and some universities have also withdrawn enrollment offers in anticipation of potential problems.

Why are student visa rejections increasing?

There are several factors contributing to the increase in student visa rejection rates. Firstly, the Australian government has implemented stricter migration policies to address the housing crisis and ensure the credibility of its international education sector. As a result, there is greater emphasis on the ‘Genuine Student’ criterion, which requires applicants to provide more substantial evidence of their intention to study. Additionally, English proficiency requirements have been tightened, with higher scores now required in exams for application approval. Furthermore, prospective students wishing to enroll in schools or universities classified as ‘higher risk’ are subject to more rigorous scrutiny. Overall, these measures have collectively contributed to the rise in the number of visa rejections.

What is a ‘high-risk’ school or university?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has implemented a three-tiered classification system to assess the risk associated with educational institutions, based on visa cancellations and fraud rates, among other criteria. This system categorizes universities into levels: level 1 indicates the lowest risk, while levels 2 and 3 indicate higher risk. Currently, 17 universities are classified as level 2, and one as level 3. Applicants enrolling in schools or universities classified at higher risk levels (2 or 3) must provide additional evidence with their visa applications. The purpose behind this enhanced scrutiny is to ensure that visa applicants to these institutions undergo a thorough review process. This results in longer processing times and increases the likelihood of application rejection. When PURAVIDA prepares a personalized curriculum and quote for you, we ensure that the schools and courses we offer are always top-notch.

How is this affecting students and universities?

Some universities are facing these challenges by taking preventive measures. Anticipating possible visa rejections, some institutions are choosing to withdraw enrollment offers or advise students to withdraw. There are universities that are not accepting enrollments from students over 35 years old and even demanding payment of the first year’s tuition upfront. This is a measure motivated by the concern that a high volume of visa rejections could affect their risk rating, categorizing them as higher-risk institutions.

As with any form of rejection, unsuccessful student visa applications and withdrawn university offers can severely impact students. This can not only cause emotional distress, anxiety, and stress due to uncertainty but also represent a financial burden due to the loss of application fees or the cost of appealing to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia (AAT).

At PURAVIDA, we are committed to providing you with the support you need during these challenging times in student visa applications in Australia. As we better understand the reasons behind the increases in visa rejections, we strive to keep you informed and offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with study options at top-tier institutions and help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter in the process. You are not alone on this educational journey, and we are here to guide you toward academic and personal success.

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