What is a study agency and how do they work?

There are many myths and opinions about what a study agency does, basically, we advise – for FREE – those who want to come to study in Australia. Helping them to choose the course (giving them options and quotations), contracting the health insurance, applying for the visa and solving all the doubts they may have. 

Migrating to another country can be very difficult and confusing, generally the subject of visas and migration seems to be in a language that few people speak, that’s why study agencies are a great help, since people with knowledge and who have lived the same as you advise you to make the best decisions knowing all your possibilities.

Personalised advice and support

As Puravida Study we specialise in providing personalised advice and support in the areas of educational courses and student visas. Whether you are looking to improve your English, enhance your professional qualifications or extend your visa, our experienced team will guide you through the process and provide the best advice to tailor the options to suit your budget and lifestyle.

What sets us apart from other agencies? Honesty. We are not looking to sell for the sake of selling, we really want to help you, to offer you what you need, to be transparent about the difficulties you might have, not to generate expectations and always deliver a close, personalised and transparent service.

We have different communication channels where we deliver valuable information for all students, you can check all our blog posts with various information about living, studying and travelling in Australia, you can follow us on Instagram where we constantly post content about Australia, courses and promotions and you can contact us via email to request a personalised quote or arrange a call (or video call) to solve all your doubts.

Experienced team

Our team is led by Luis, who has worked in the Australian Education industry for over 10 years. From his first experience in Australia learning English on a student visa, extending his stay with a Work and Holiday Visa, and then working as a business development manager for 2 colleges and as an education consultant for over 7 years, Luis leads the team with a wealth of knowledge throughout the process. Luis is currently studying to become a migration agent to be able to offer an even more comprehensive service.

The rest of our advisors are students, who have been through more than two different visas and who understand, as a protagonist, what students are looking for, how everything works here, what are the main challenges and doubts you may have.

Competitive prices

We understand that studying overseas can be overwhelming with many costs to consider. We are constantly generating new partnerships with the best schools and colleges across Australia, to bring you the best options and costs among existing education providers. We are also constantly informing you about scholarships and discounts you can access.

Our advice and recommendations are FREE, but how? Where’s the business? We receive commissions from schools, so our advice to you is at no cost to you. In addition we can provide paid services such as document translation services and airport pick-ups when necessary.

Step by step

This is, in a nutshell, the consultancy process we will provide you with:

  1. We get in touch (via RRSS, WhatsApp, Mail, videoconference or however you prefer) and you tell us what your plans are, what you want to study, where, for how long, where you are living, current visa, and more.
  2. We make a quote with different and the best possibilities for you, looking for different schools and/or universities.
  3. We solve all the doubts you may have, if necessary we put you in contact with schools and/or other students who can tell you about their experiences. At this stage we invite you to review all the content we have published on our blog, RRSS and listen to the Podcast Cachai Australia.
  4. Once you have chosen your course, we will send you a final quote including the compulsory medical insurance and a payment plan according to your possibilities (monthly, semester or other).
  5. We will send you the list of documents we need to register you for the course and to apply for the visa. Ideally this application should be made 3 months before you plan to enter the country or a few weeks before your current visa expires.
  6. We enrol you on the course, with that we have the letter of offer which you must sign along with making the first agreed payment so that the university can then send us the COE, which is the official government document certifying that you will study.
  7. To apply for the visa, you have to pay the visa fee and the medical insurance. It is very difficult to know how long this will take, but you can start your course anyway.
  8. And that’s it, we can continue to solve your doubts and help you with the basic information for your arrival in the country, giving you information about neighbourhoods, useful applications, websites to find a job, and more.


Many people have harsh and sometimes erratic opinions about agencies, probably they have had the bad luck to contact agencies that are not honest with what they offer, or that along the way stop answering and resolving doubts, or that in complex situations do not provide the expected help.

That will not happen to you if you write to us, because our main pillar is to be honest, is to tell you upfront if this course is difficult or if this school is not so demanding, we like to be transparent about the real job opportunities you could have and we always keep informed for you, in case of not knowing something we will not lie to you and we will recommend you a migration lawyer who can have a better handling of these issues.

Contact us right here, on our social medias or send us an email to info@puravidastudy.com.au

Florencia Calderon

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