What is OSHC?:  Medical insurance for students in Australia

OSHC refers to “Overseas Student Health Cover”, compulsory health insurance for all international students in Australia. This insurance, besides being obligatory, is only offered by Australian companies. Hiring the OSHC is part of the requirements to obtain a student visa in Australia, and you can include your partner or family in it. In general, you must hire this insurance for the entire duration of your course until the expiration date of your visa.
In Puravida Study we constantly receive doubts about this insurance. That is why we made a video where our CEO Luis explains in detail what OSHC means, who offers it, how much it costs, frequent cases, and many other data that our students commonly ask. Watch the following video to the end and leave your comment!



Do you want to know more about the companies that provide the OSHC? We share you the links to the web pages so you can review in more detail:


Do you have any other questions about the OSHC? Leave us a comment below or contact us. From Puravida we can offer you the OSHC at a very good price! Including you, your partner or family 🙂 Send us a message to info@puravidastudy.com.au or WhatsApp to +61 410 827945. Or leave us your comments and we will be happy to help you !! Visit our website here!

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