Why study a Trade course in Australia? 

There are many reasons why studying a trade course in Australia is an amazing option and opportunity for you, you can find good jobs, with good pay, you can apply for a post-graduate visa and you can progress on your way to a permanent visa.

The trade, cookery, carpentry, mechanic and painting courses are great courses for anyone who wants to come to Australia or who is here and needs to renew their visa. Why? For several reasons that we will tell you about below.

Job Opportunities

Essential services are in high demand in Australia, valued and well paid. That’s something fundamental if you think about what your future could be in this country. But even if you can work in a restaurant kitchen or on a construction site without any previous education, having it will really make a difference in the consideration you will have in the company, the value of your working hours and the projection you can have in the country.

On the other hand, in most states, these professions are on the priority list, i.e. they are professions that are in demand. Check out more information on the Department of Immigration’s website. This will help you in your job search but also in your search for a Sponsor visa and/or Skill visa.

If you would like more details regarding these visas please let us know and we can put you in touch with the immigration lawyers working with us for advice.

Postgraduate Skill Visa

If the Trade course you are studying is longer than 92 weeks you already have the first step to apply for the Postgraduate Skill Visa (subclass 485). This visa has a duration of 1.5 years and in other words, by adding the 2 years of course plus at least 1.5 years of Postgraduate, you can get a visa of 3.5 years in total. That according to some conversations with our immigration agents, you would add years of experience to earn more points on your future work or direct residence visa if allowed.

When you finish the course you must complete the Skill Recognition, which is a series of actions that you must do and complete to apply, to prove that you have studied, level of English, hours worked (300 approximately) and a small test of knowledge. For more details go to this LINK or as we said before let us know and we will put you in contact with our lawyers.

Study and live

These courses are available in almost every city in Australia and there are a variety of schools that offer them. As such, there are many timetable options available, schools where you only have to study one day, schools that offer classes on weekends and schools where you can choose to study in the mornings or afternoons. This helps you to be able to work the 40 hours per fortnight that you are legally allowed to work with the student visa (now due to Covid there are certain areas where students are allowed to work more hours, but this has to be checked on a case-by-case basis).

In general, it is very feasible to study, work and have time to enjoy, the classes are in trimester mode, having two weeks of holiday between each Term and a longer holiday in the months of December-January (it all depends on each school and/or course).

Some quotes

In order to give you an idea, here are some quotes in different cities in Australia, if you want a more detailed one, please contact us at info@puravidastudy.com.au.


Option A_ Gold Coast (Queensland)
Duration: 104 weeks
Price: 22.500 AUD
Classes once a week + practice hours included.

Option B_Sydney (New South Wales)
Duration: 104 weeks
Value: 29.000 AUD
Lessons once a week + practice hours included


Option A_ Adelaide (South Australia)
Duration: 104 weeks (Cert III + Cert IV + Diploma)
Value: 17.000 AUD
Morning or afternoon tuition + practical hours included

Option B_Sydney (New South Wales)
Duration: 104 weeks (Cert IV + Diploma in Hospitality Management)
Value: 19.000 AUD
Morning or afternoon tuition + practical hours included


Option A_ Gold Coast (Queensland)
Duration: 104 weeks
Value: 16.500 AUD
Classes once a week + practice hours included

Option B_Sydney (New South Wales)
Duration: 104 weeks
Value: 27.000 AUD
Lessons once a week + practice hours included

Automotive Mechanics

Option A_ Perth (Western Australia)
Duration: 104 weeks (Cert III + Cert IV)
Value: 24.000 AUD
Classes available on weekdays or weekends + practical hours included

Option B_Gold Coast (Queensland)
Duration: 96 weeks
Value: 18.000 AUD
Lessons two days a week + practice hours included

We hope this information is of great help to you. If you want to know more, write to us, we are happy to help, advise and tell you from our own and others’ experience.

Check also this conversation with Nova Institute about the courses they offer and more details about the benefits of studying a Trade course in Australia.

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