Top reasons why we chose to study and work in Australia

Travelling to another country is an exciting time in life. When we have the desire to explore new places and new cultures the most important thing in deciding where to go, is understanding the type of experience you are looking for. If Australia is ranked among your top destinations for travelling, studying or working, We have put together a list of reasons why we chose to study and work in Australia.

1. High Quality of Life

Australia is consistently ranked among the top 10 countries with the best quality of life in the world. This is based on stable economic and political factors, a hot job market with many opportunities, high safety and security, a good environment for raising families, high-quality education and public health systems, and social & economic equality. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are considered among the 10 best cities to live in the world. Yes, the dream of living well does exist in Australia.

2. Rich and exuberant nature

The Australian nature is exotic and diverse and made to be explored. Idyllic beaches with world class waves span along the East and West coasts. National parks, wine regions, and snowy mountains are scattered throughout the country, with the famous Australian desert in the Central and Northern Territories.

The Native animals are wild and unique. Kangaroos, Koalas, Dingos (wild dogs), Tasmanian Devils, snakes, spiders and crocodiles can be found across the land. Extensive marine life with dolphins, whales, sharks, stingrays, penguins, water dragons can be spotted frequently on the harbour.

Mandatory destinations to include on your bucket list are:

1. The Great Barrier Reef (Queensland) region
2. Uluru (Central Australia)
3. The Pinnacles (Western Australia)
4. Whitehaven Beach (Queensland region)
5. The 12 Apostles (Victoria region)
6. Kakadu National Park (North Australia)

The list is endless.

3. Free culture and lifestyle

The Australian way of life is relaxed, casual, humorous and friendly. There is a lot of love for life, creative expression and freedom.

Australians love the outdoors. Surfing, fishing and water sports of all kinds are rooted heavily in the local culture. Due to the warmer weather, Surfers are active all year round, and popular beaches offer surf lessons for those who are keen to try. Rugby and cricket are other national passions with the local pubs always full of fans cheering on their teams. Camping, barbecues and family picnics are also trademarks of the Australian way and are always accompanied by a cold beer, lots of sunscreen and a pair of Havaianas or “Thong’s” on the feet.

The urban culture is also strong as Australia boasts some of the best cafes and coffee in the world. Art galleries, skateparks and pubs are easily located, forming close-knit sub-communities who all celebrate the local talents of artists and musicians.

4.  Study and work legally in Australia

Most countries have serious restrictions for foreigners when it comes to studying and working at the same time. In Australia, under a Student Visa, you are legally allowed to work 20 hours per week (or 40 fortnightly). With more freedom allowed during the school holidays, when you can work full time and save for your next adventure across the country.

If you are looking to travel to an English speaking country, and want the ability to earn money while you are here, a Student Visa in Australia is the best option for you.

5. High-quality schooling to master your English

Being proficient in English is an essential part of living in a Global economy, and the best way to learn a new language is to live in the native speaking Country. Understanding English and the unique Australian Slang will help you to get the most out of your stay in Australia. There are many English Schools available with a high level of teaching and quality that’s recognised internationally. Our team of student advisors can help you to understand the differences between colleges and advise you on the best schools to suit your budget and desired destination. Our website provides information on the different types of English courses available, click here to learn more.

6. A variety of careers to choose

Want to become a barista? A Yoga Teacher, a Child Care worker or Marketing professional?
All these (and more) career alternatives are very viable in Australia and are well respected among the more traditional careers. We have partnerships with great colleges across Australia, let us know your passions and we can help to advise you on the best course options and which career paths to chase here.

7. Meet (lots of) people from all over the world

Australia is very multicultural with people from all continents in represented. Forming friendships with people from different cultures and customs can amplify your perception of life and can positively influence your values and role in the world.
There are also communities of people from the same country exchanging information, helping each other, creating cultural events about their own country, all to take away the feeling of being homesick and to feel more at home in Australia.

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