Graduate Skill Visa (485): everything you need to know – Part 2

Remember our last post about the Post Graduate Skill Visa Pat 1(485)? In this article, we share more questions we received from our students to get answered by Sally Jackson, from Crossing Borders Immigration Law Practice, who works as an immigration agent very close to our team.

If you haven’t read the previous article Post-Graduate Visa Part 1, we recommend you to have a look at it to understand better the full requirements of this visa. As we said before, you can only apply for this visa once in your life, and in a short period of time (between the 6 months you finish your studies), so we recommend you to speak to us or/and Sally before you decide to apply. Check it out!

Sally, usually how long can it take to receive the visa?

Currently, processing times are taking 61 days to 5 months. Please see this website with official information.

What are my conditions once the visa is granted? And the conditions for my partner?

There are several conditions attached to this visa once granted. The most important being to Maintain health insurance (visa condition 8501): This condition means that you must maintain adequate health insurance while you are in Australia. Reciprocal health arrangements may not be adequate. The same conditions apply to your partner.

Can I work 40hs the week with this Visa?

You have unlimited work rights

If I have come as a student with my partner (or children) before, can I include them in this graduate visa as well? What do I need to present to include them in my application?

Yes, you can. You need to provide evidence to show that they are part of your family unit as you previously did with the Student visa.

If I am not married but I am in a de facto relationship, should I need to demonstrate again my relationship when I apply for the graduate visa with my partner?

Yes, you will need to. Every new application requires you to provide new documents.

How much does this visa cost, including kids or partners?

$1535 (main applicant)* – Base application charge
$765 (applicant >18)*
$385 (applicant <18)*

* 1.98% surcharge online payment.

Is there any risk of not receiving the graduate visa I can start preventing or planning while I am a student? Some tips to take into account to be ready for the moment I apply.

This depends on the stream that you are applying for. The main risks are not obtaining the required skills assessment or/and the required English score. Determining your course completion date.

Do I need to sit for a new English test to apply? Or can I use the previous English results that I had when I first applied for my student visa?

English results are generally valid for 3 years (PTE is 2 years). If you have the required score and the test has not expired, yes you can use it for the application.

+++We would advise you speak to a registered migration agent/lawyer before you embark on lodging a 485 visa application.+++

We hope you have a full idea of what this visa implies and what are you require to get it. If you still have some doubts, please remember to read the first part of this article Graduate  Visa Part 1: everything you need to know. Also, you can always contact us at for further information and support! We are happy to help you plan your stay and studies in Australia! 🙂

If you would like some specific advice on immigration services, get in contact with Sally at or visit her website here.

See you in Australia mate!


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